Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I went to a mothering circle today, which was a lot of fun. Charlotte hadn't seen other babies up close before. She was especially interested at staring at a little girl named Summer who is five months. This circle shall become a regular weekly event. She weighed in at 12lb4oz.

In the December due date club I'm a part of, one mom lost her baby a couple days ago. She and her husband woke up and she went to check on the baby at 6am, and he wasn't responsive. Hell ensued. Now I'm having a hard time with going to bed. I just want to sit here with Charlotte behind me and watch her. I'm not worried about her getting a cold or anything, but I'm feeling rather paranoid about her dying. That would kill me.

Another mom in the club had to stand by as her son had surgery on his stomach, and the pictures she posted of before they all went to the hospital and then afterward in the PICU are heartbreaking. That poor baby had no idea what was coming, and then he was covered in tubes. He's still in the hospital. Again, if this happened to Charlotte, I'd be beside myself.

Another mom's baby is hospitalized with RSV. To IV that baby, they took him from her and she wasn't able to be there. When she got to see him again, the IV was in his HEAD and his eyes were red from crying. I would have been shitting bricks and then hitting people with them.

Just the thought of anything happening to our little girl makes me feel sick. She is our world.

Another hospital has banned midwives from delivering babies. Such bullshit. Midwives have a c-section rate of under 2% whereas doctors have a c-section rate of 33%, yet it's midwives who are so risky that their deliveries must be by a NICU? Women are supposedly mentally competent enough to decide whether or not to kill an unborn baby, but can't be trusted to make a competent decision on how to deliver?

There's a protest on Friday at 11am and Charlotte and I will be there. Cody is working, or he'd be there too. Charlotte may not have been born in a hospital with a midwife, but dammit, if that's how some women want to deliver, rather than at home with a midwife or at a hospital with a doctor who wants total control, then why can't she have it?


We finally got moved this past weekend, so now we're in the process of settling in. Cody's mom lives about half a mile away (which is fine since she's so completely awesome and not overbearing and respects our space, so we're not crowded), and we found out today that the house his dad grew up in in visible from our porch!

The dogs are loving having a whole huge yard to run around in all day. We love the fireplace and indoor grill and that we actually have permission to do anything we want to the house.

This house predates heating systems, so there's a wall-heater that was installed some years back, and the fireplace. It's interesting figuring out alternative ways (alternative compared to what we grew up with) to keep warm overnight. This isn't so difficult, but leaving our bedroom in the morning sucks. Charlotte definitely sleeps with us. She's still so little that she'd probably literally freeze to death somewhere other than our bed.

I'm going to repaint Charlotte's room. Right now it's purple on top. The bottom is wood paneling, but real wood, not that fake stuff. So we can't remove the wood (one of the few things we can't do). Lavender and brown just don't go well together, so I guess it's pink after all, but it'll be a mauve-pink.


My sewing room will be in lilac with some of the lavender used to trim. As soon as that's all done, which will be within the next week, I'll get back to sewing. I sealed the deal on a wedding gown for June and am working on one for September of next year. Little girls' dresses a Hermione Yule ball gown, etc., are in the works. I actually have a rather busy order schedule right now. I like this.

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  1. You will love the privacy you have with living in a house. No one under you, above you or on the other side of the wall to have to deal with.Now you have a back yard to get married in! :)


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