Friday, February 19, 2010

Update, and Protest #2

I contacted a coupe attorneys who don't think it's any big deal, a person from La Leche League said "it happens to everyone", and I've contacted First Right (thanks to the commenters who mentioned that one). I'll be contacting media and will try to figure out the best way to organize a nurse-in. I would have done more today were it not for a horrible headache. My midwife's attendant called the IRS and has some information. We'll go over that this weekend.

We get a mixed message. Breastfeeding is best, but "you can't do that here." I've spoken with a few moms today who are uncomfortable feeding in public because they're afraid of this happening, so use formula when they're out. No mom should ever be made to feel ashamed or like she's doing something wrong for feeding a baby!

Also the second protest for the midwife ban is tomorrow, 11-1 on the corner or Rose and Gonzales in Oxnard, in front of St. John's Hosptal, rain or shine. If anyone reading this is local, PLEASE be there! There's all this talk about "a woman's right to choose", but so little attention to women having so few rights with regards to how to give birth. Worse than banning midwifery, there wasn't even a buffer period. There are woman who are due any day now who have found out they must scramble to either find a doctor at the hospital or find a midwife at another hospital or birth center. This is stress a woman doesn't need. Tomorrow one of those expectant mothers will be at the protest. Rumor has is that larger new stations out of LA will be there.

I need to go find something warm for Charlotte to wear. It's supposed to rain, and her clothes are still mostly packed. I may just dress her in what she wore last week, only with the turtleneck and thick cotton tights.

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