Monday, February 1, 2010


Friday I was driving home and the front passenger tire blew. The side wall looks like it's been perforated many times. I got over to the side of the road, changed the tire (I'm so glad my dad made sure to teach me car stuff like this), and got the front two tires changed. They were nearly bald and I kept procrastinating. So it was my fault. But all ended up well. The back two were replaced a few months ago.

Then I got home and the Macbook Pro wouldn't start. Dammit. Logic board needed to be replaced. So into Apple with it for the weekend, leaving me with my iPhone. Boo. But it's back now.

Our move has been pushed back to this next Friday instead. This works out better for us anyway.

And...more drama from my mom's side of the family. It's major, and I may be filing for conservatorship over my grandmother's multi-million-dollar estate. Brief outline: After my step-grandpa died in October, her ex-husband, who is one of those fuckers so abusive to kids he should be slowly killed (I can barely stand the thought of some of the things he did to my mom, and many of the things she can't bring herself to say, but suffice it to say that what she has told me is bad enough), dropped his girlfriend of 15 years to get back with my grandma, who is still in mourning, has early dementia (diagnosed), and has been keeping her plies with hard alcohol when she has always detested anything stronger than a single glass of wine or can or Coors Light. Already all spending and all of Grandma's activities are defaulting to him. Nothing happens unless he gives his approval. With her mental state altered, partly by medical condition and partly by his hand, he's planning to take her to Reno to marry her. Easy to see what he wants here.

I can't stomach the thought of a child abuser and child rapist profiting, without proper and mentally-stable consent of those he abused, and one he is again abusing. I'm less concerned with my grandma's care than I am with him profiting. I've got no love for this woman, but I've got much less love, to the point of violent hatred, of people who do to kids what this sick fuck did, and if I can prevent him from living happily ever after after all he's done, and what he's doing now, then I will.

Oh, and he might not have followed through on divorcing someone else 15 years ago...and he's already got two strikes remaining on his record, after having one removed somehow....

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