Saturday, March 27, 2010

Charlotte can stand!! And wedding stuff

First the not-fun. I spent a good bit of time this past week sick. My upper chest is still phlegmy and I'm coughing but not too terrible or anything. All in all, I've done pretty well this past winter in regards to my own health. I've only been sick about a dozen times, and the worst time only had be down for about a week. This is a blessing. Not only is it not fun being sick, but I need to be well for Charlotte!

Now on to Charlotte! She needs to hold onto my fingers for balance, but she's supporting herself. She's been doing this for weeks. I just had the camera this time.

And some more cute pictures from a few days ago.

Ah! Rattle!!

Oooh! Fingers!

She's such a big, healthy, happy girl!

Cody and I are about 95% of our wedding reception venue.

The fee for the entire place from 9am until 10pm is $1100. That is so insanely cheap, especially for anywhere in the Santa Barbara area!!

And I've asked the three women I want as my bridesmaids. The challenge is that all three of them live at least two time zones away, and one is mom to two of my flower girls, but all of them will be here. That is such an honor. One of them is newly engaged herself and I'm thrilled! Her wedding is next April in Illinois, and Cody, Charlotte, and I, will all be there. I've never been so excited about a wedding (other than my own).

We've got the favors all figured out, and I'm thrilled about them. We had them figured out for a while. One of the favors (we have two that each person will get) were started...last September. It's something that takes at least six months, though a year is best. No, it's not fruitcake! I can't keep a fruitcake around for a year. I can't keep fruitcake a month. I eat it. I make fruitcake, and it's too good to save and let age.

Oh, I also want to share this:

I think that pic turned out pretty! It's a bracelet I made Charlotte, genuine naturally pink pearls and Swarovski crystal with sterling beads and toggle.

Charlotte's flowergirl dress will be made out of our midwife's wedding gown. I am so honored to have it.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Health care

I hope everyone against a government health care system has their kids in private schools, don't drive on roads, and won't call 9-1-1 when their lives are on the line and they need police or their house is on fire. I hope these people also won't ever collect social security or use Medicare. These systems are socialized. Just like the new health care system, whatever it is (who can keep up with it right now?), will be.

I had someone try to counter this with, "At least I won't be fined if I don't pay." Well, first off, we don't know what this bill will actually do. There've been changes so fast I don't think the media can keep up. But she's wrong anyway. If you withhold taxes because you don't want to pay for public schools, roads, etc., well, you'd be going to jail for tax evasion.

Health care and life should be rights, not privileges. Once upon a time, social security and Medicare were just as controversial. Now, if you were take those things away, people would be screaming bloody murder and calling for a mutiny. It would cost so much less money for someone to be able to go to the doctor for preventative treatment or at the start of a problem, like a UTI, rather than to have to wait until an ER is necessary, then find out that waiting resulted in that UTI turning into a kidney infection requiring hospitalization that the person can't pay for, which the hospital subsequently writes off as a loss, meaning that much less to pay taxes on, a loss which the taxpayers will ultimately subsidize. May as well get that person a script for Zithromax at the start and save everyone time and money.

Universal health care was controversial in Canada and the UK too when stated, and now look. Those people receive better care than Americans. We only have the best health care it we can access it. Right now tens of millions of families don't have access.

Charlotte the Turtle!

Two days ago, on Friday, Charlotte crawled! It was just a few inches, but still,it's a start! Last night Cody and I were sitting in bed with Charlotte, who is a pro now are rolling over. I was sitting on the right side of the bed, and Cody was on the left. Lottie's head was toward me, her feet toward her daddy. She rolled from her back to her tummy, toward us, then struggled a bit to get her left arm out from under her. Then she pushed her top half up up and looked toward us like, There! I did it!! But she had her head leaned toward us, which threw her off balance, causing her to roll back onto her back. This happened a couple times until she got pissed off and started crying. She was like a turtle that does everything it can to get off it's back, only to have a gust of wind knock it onto its back again.

She can also stand with a little help balancing. It's cute, and creepy, to see a baby so young standing.

At an appointment on Friday, the doctor was blown away at what Charlotte's doing already. She's so advanced the doctor kept having me reconfirm her age. I don't want my baby to be so ahead. I want her to be a helpless little thing for a while longer. I want to get to enjoy each day without being reminded every few minutes that she's growing up. :(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Next protest

This Friday, 11am-1pm, corner of Rose and Gonzales, in Oxnard.

Birth Action Coalition
Details for the protest

Come on out, if you can!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Charlotte's second tooth!!

Her bottom middle-right this time! Poor girl's been miserable and feverish from it. We give her Hyland's Teething Tablets and Baby Orajel. When those don't work well enough we give her half a teaspoon of children's Benadryl. I hate giving her meds, but I'm not going to make her suffer just because I'm more likely to just suck up pain. So we help her sleep. She's back and forth between fussy and happy today.

Last night Cody and I had our first date-night without Charlotte. We went and saw Alice in Wonderland, which I loved but Cody was so-so on, and then to dinner at Palazzio. The theater, the Arlington, is just gorgeous. I thought Cody was kidding. The ceiling looks like you're outside, complete with "stars", and the sides look like you're in an Italian villa. I thought we walked into a courtyard for a moment!! The portions at Palazzio were ginormous. Ridiculously so. The caprese was made with huge chunks of mozzarella and the biggest basil leaves I've seen. Pretty pricey, but yummy. I had to pump between movie and dinner because was in some serous discomfort from not nursing for a few hours, but that's what a car charger is for. I missed my sweet pea the whole time.

In other news, my dear friend Randi got engaged today! I'm very happy for her. The wedding will be in about a year, and I'm insanely jealous since I don't even consider myself engaged when plans have never amounted to more than just talking about what would be nice to do (I haven't even worn my ring since last July, when I gave it back to Cody and told him to give it back if a time ever comes that we seriously start planning beyond just talk, and, hasn't happened yet, and I seriously doubt it ever really will). The only details I know are approximate date, which is all they've worked on so far, and I don't know if we'll be invited (I don't know the size of the wedding, and if it's small or there are budget constraints, then I'm certain we'll be among those nixed), but it'll be fun anyway watching it come together, and I wish them the best!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Charlotte's first tooth!

We need to find our super-HD camera thing (it's a video cam that does stills) and get pics. At 3 months, 1 week, 1 day, she has cut her first tooth. It is through the skin. It's her bottom center left. Poor thing had a fever when it cam through, not too high, 99.1, but her usual regular temp is 97.9, like me. (98.6 is just the average.) Hyland's Teething Tables and Baby Orajel help a lot.

I don't know when a word/sound counts as a first word. When she's upset or crying and wants me, she clearly says "mum" while looking around for me. When we were in the ER and she was getting poked with needles, the nurses noticed this too. I was her age with my first word, so I wouldn't put it past her knowingly trying to call me. I usually hear first words counting when you tell a baby to say something and its repeated, but mimicking doesn't seem like it should count. Shouldn't a series of sounds connect with an object or person or something?

How is it I can be so busy and feel like I'm getting nothing done lately? I'm taking care of a baby during the day, and when I get a few moments, do some power-cleaning. When Cody's home, I sew. This is about it! I've also been pretty sick a few days. Cody's mom came over to take care of me for a while one day when he was at work. I'm feeling a lot better now though.

Saturday Cody and I will have our first date evening since Charlotte was born. We're going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the Arlington, which is supposed to be amazing, and then dinner at some Italian place in Santa Barbara. I'm a bit apprehensive. It'll be the 2nd longest I've been away from Charlotte. The first time I was away from her longer than a run to the store was when we were moving and the Ryder truck broke down on the side of the highway and it took hours to wait for someone to get out there to fix it. I didn't have my pump with me then, so ended up having major pain. At least I'll be able to plan ahead for that and so will take the pump and car power cord. I'm sure Charlotte will be okay with her grandma. Heh, her grandma is the one insisting we take some time, and so bought the tickets and is treating us for dinner. Theola's awesome like that.

We've been talking a bit again about our wedding. Holy crap, when did $25k come to be a low budget, $10k a very low budget, and $5k being so low that you may as well just go to Hawaii and elope? I was thinking earlier today about going to Burning Man and getting married naked out on the Playa near the Temple, but Cody would veto that. So we have a couple drastically different ideas we're considering but nothing even remotely solid. We don't want to have some quick, casual little thing. We both want a nice, formal wedding. At the same time, we can't afford what we want. And if we could save up that much (about $7k is hat our dream wedding would cost, if that), I don't think I'd personally feel comfortable spending it instead of saving it. Then again, I cringe when spending any money. I'm still in the mindset that there's never enough. I'm still afraid of being homeless again that sometimes I feel like I'm wasting money by buying food, that the money should be saved for rent. (Therapy did nothing to help with these issues.)

It'd be nice to be able to find a forest clearing and get married there, and to have as simple reception there as well. But there comes the problem of toilets. Sure bushes and squatting is nature's bathroom, but people in heels wouldn't like. Eh, We'll figure something out. After so long I'm starting to feel apathetic about a wedding and just want to get married and have the same last name as the man I love and our daughter. And I want there to be assurance that Cody could be there and make decisions if anything should happen to me and I end up too sick to decide for myself.

Today I was outside with the dogs walking around the yard. The grass had gotten very tall but couldn't be mowed because of some drizzle we'd been having. Not much rain, but enough that the grass can't be mowed. Yesterday Cody finally got the chance with the grass being dry enough. He got through half the yard before the yard trimmings can was full, and it's one of the big ones. Plus it took about four hours to get halfway through the yard. It's a pretty good size yard, plus battling high grass.

Anyway I was walking around the yard with the dogs going through some high grass and saw something shiny and black, and went in for a close inspection. It's a gravestone! Not a leftover Halloween prop or anything. THERE IS A DEAD PERSON IN OUR YARD!! The gravestone is black granite, polished very shiny. The family surname is at the top. Underneath that, to the left is the name of the man who built the house and his year of birth. To the right is the name of his wife, her birth year, and her death year (1923-1990). The man died last year and left this house to his son. His son and son's wife are our landlords. It's really kinda creepy.

It's not even midnight and I'm so incredibly tired. Tomorrow...laundry, try to clean the kitchen and hallway, more sewing (I'm slightly behind my orders right now, and still am waiting for a hem length for a couple dresses I'd hoped to have in the mail tomorrow, and still waiting for the lining color of a corset for a wedding gown), and make corned beef and cabbage. And call the optometrist about my glasses and Cody's prescription so he can order contacts, and call, or have Cody call, the IRS since they're still being pricks and claiming to not have gotten his 2007 return (it's been sent three fucking times!! the advocate has confirmed receipt!!).

Saturday, sewing in the morning, date stuff in the evening.

Sunday, pick up a few things from the fabric store, VC Socialites Scrabble in the afternoon pick Cody up from work, have a drink and crash out on the couch. Well, not really a drink. Screw it, a drink after Charlotte eats so it'll be metabolized before her next feed, and a nap on the couch.

I need to go to bed now. After making Cody's lunch for tomorrow, bed. I'm too tired to shut up.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Charlotte's home

I'm behind in updating. Charlotte's home now. The doctor said she had gastroenteritis, but my gut says that's not it. She's still arching her back very hard and holding it there. I don't get the feeling it's anything serious or lifelong though. Her weight when she got out was 13lbs even, up from 12lb11oz when she was admitted. Then she was 12lb12oz a couple days later. So down 4oz. By the next day she was back up to 12lb15oz. She's still less than her high weight of 13lb4oz on February 24th. But she's getting better. She's still not back to 100%, but improving.

As for us, I'm exhausted and feel sick. My kidneys hurt and I feel slightly flu-ish, which is pretty normal for me this time of year. I'm always sick in winter. The joy of having an autoimmune disease and a craptastic immune system due to all that prednisone I was on! And no, I still don't want vaccines. Those things just land me in the hospital and our immune systems need to work. I'm functional when I'm sick enough that many others would be flat on their backs.

Cody's doing well. He's just got the typical tiredness that comes with a couple nights of a baby being up all night. By 8, he's ready for bed.

We're FINALLY getting rainy winter weather. I love it! The only sucky things are drivers are idiots, and cold weather makes my arthritis hurt. My back aches and my left knee feels like it's being stabbed repeatedly with a dull pickaxe. Still, rain with a roaring fire and a cup of Mexican hot chocolate (I've become hooked on the stuff - it's imported from Mexico, so is the real deal). Nice and relaxing.

I really lucked out in the in-laws (to-be, whatever) department. Most people complain about theirs, or so it seems. Mine are wonderful. Cody's parents both live within a handful of miles, and his mom and step-dad live just half a mile away. They're respectful of space, but here if we need them. I love the feeling of being surrounded by family, which I completely consider all of them.

If we rushed we'd have only a day's worth left of settling-in to do. We finally got our Senkarik paintings on the walls, and my sewing room's about 98% together (it's so hard getting anything done when not everything is unpacked!!). One bathroom is completely done, the other has maybe 5 things in a box (I really should empty it before bed). Some electronics in the living room need to be put away, the laundry in our room needs to be finished. Charlotte's room is still not together at all. I need to re-paint and do everything. That's my personal project. But there's no rush since she sleeps with us anyway. Every night of her life she's slept right next to me.

There's nothing more precious than waking up to Charlotte fussing that she's not being stared at, then looking at her, and her giving a big smile. Smile back at her and she'll laugh and start babbling. I look forward to waking up just for the few guaranteed minutes she'll be so smiley and laughing. It's like she's thrilled just to be alive and that there's another day before her.

It's still a bit early, 11:30, and I want to sew. I have some trim to sew to a gown I'm almost finished with, but my stomach is in knots. Yay, sick.... Ugh.

Oh, and Charlotte's officially a full three months old! Her 3rd-monthday gift is a genuine white pearl and pink Swarovski crystal bracelet with a sterling silver heart toggle clasp. Ideas for her 4th monthday? (To recap, she got her teddy bear, Guinevere, for her 1st monthday, and a sterling silver antique rattle for her 2nd.)