Saturday, March 27, 2010

Charlotte can stand!! And wedding stuff

First the not-fun. I spent a good bit of time this past week sick. My upper chest is still phlegmy and I'm coughing but not too terrible or anything. All in all, I've done pretty well this past winter in regards to my own health. I've only been sick about a dozen times, and the worst time only had be down for about a week. This is a blessing. Not only is it not fun being sick, but I need to be well for Charlotte!

Now on to Charlotte! She needs to hold onto my fingers for balance, but she's supporting herself. She's been doing this for weeks. I just had the camera this time.

And some more cute pictures from a few days ago.

Ah! Rattle!!

Oooh! Fingers!

She's such a big, healthy, happy girl!

Cody and I are about 95% of our wedding reception venue.

The fee for the entire place from 9am until 10pm is $1100. That is so insanely cheap, especially for anywhere in the Santa Barbara area!!

And I've asked the three women I want as my bridesmaids. The challenge is that all three of them live at least two time zones away, and one is mom to two of my flower girls, but all of them will be here. That is such an honor. One of them is newly engaged herself and I'm thrilled! Her wedding is next April in Illinois, and Cody, Charlotte, and I, will all be there. I've never been so excited about a wedding (other than my own).

We've got the favors all figured out, and I'm thrilled about them. We had them figured out for a while. One of the favors (we have two that each person will get) were started...last September. It's something that takes at least six months, though a year is best. No, it's not fruitcake! I can't keep a fruitcake around for a year. I can't keep fruitcake a month. I eat it. I make fruitcake, and it's too good to save and let age.

Oh, I also want to share this:

I think that pic turned out pretty! It's a bracelet I made Charlotte, genuine naturally pink pearls and Swarovski crystal with sterling beads and toggle.

Charlotte's flowergirl dress will be made out of our midwife's wedding gown. I am so honored to have it.


  1. Nice venue, and an amazing value!

  2. How exciting that you have found a place.

  3. Shoot hit post too fast! What great photos. I can't believe she's doing so well standing. Be careful because as soon as she figures out the balance thing you'll spend the rest of your time running after her. LOL


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