Sunday, March 21, 2010

Charlotte the Turtle!

Two days ago, on Friday, Charlotte crawled! It was just a few inches, but still,it's a start! Last night Cody and I were sitting in bed with Charlotte, who is a pro now are rolling over. I was sitting on the right side of the bed, and Cody was on the left. Lottie's head was toward me, her feet toward her daddy. She rolled from her back to her tummy, toward us, then struggled a bit to get her left arm out from under her. Then she pushed her top half up up and looked toward us like, There! I did it!! But she had her head leaned toward us, which threw her off balance, causing her to roll back onto her back. This happened a couple times until she got pissed off and started crying. She was like a turtle that does everything it can to get off it's back, only to have a gust of wind knock it onto its back again.

She can also stand with a little help balancing. It's cute, and creepy, to see a baby so young standing.

At an appointment on Friday, the doctor was blown away at what Charlotte's doing already. She's so advanced the doctor kept having me reconfirm her age. I don't want my baby to be so ahead. I want her to be a helpless little thing for a while longer. I want to get to enjoy each day without being reminded every few minutes that she's growing up. :(

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  1. Enjoy her infancy while you can, and keep the memories. Even at a normal pace they grow up so fast. So far every stage has its joys though!


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