Thursday, March 11, 2010

Charlotte's first tooth!

We need to find our super-HD camera thing (it's a video cam that does stills) and get pics. At 3 months, 1 week, 1 day, she has cut her first tooth. It is through the skin. It's her bottom center left. Poor thing had a fever when it cam through, not too high, 99.1, but her usual regular temp is 97.9, like me. (98.6 is just the average.) Hyland's Teething Tables and Baby Orajel help a lot.

I don't know when a word/sound counts as a first word. When she's upset or crying and wants me, she clearly says "mum" while looking around for me. When we were in the ER and she was getting poked with needles, the nurses noticed this too. I was her age with my first word, so I wouldn't put it past her knowingly trying to call me. I usually hear first words counting when you tell a baby to say something and its repeated, but mimicking doesn't seem like it should count. Shouldn't a series of sounds connect with an object or person or something?

How is it I can be so busy and feel like I'm getting nothing done lately? I'm taking care of a baby during the day, and when I get a few moments, do some power-cleaning. When Cody's home, I sew. This is about it! I've also been pretty sick a few days. Cody's mom came over to take care of me for a while one day when he was at work. I'm feeling a lot better now though.

Saturday Cody and I will have our first date evening since Charlotte was born. We're going to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D at the Arlington, which is supposed to be amazing, and then dinner at some Italian place in Santa Barbara. I'm a bit apprehensive. It'll be the 2nd longest I've been away from Charlotte. The first time I was away from her longer than a run to the store was when we were moving and the Ryder truck broke down on the side of the highway and it took hours to wait for someone to get out there to fix it. I didn't have my pump with me then, so ended up having major pain. At least I'll be able to plan ahead for that and so will take the pump and car power cord. I'm sure Charlotte will be okay with her grandma. Heh, her grandma is the one insisting we take some time, and so bought the tickets and is treating us for dinner. Theola's awesome like that.

We've been talking a bit again about our wedding. Holy crap, when did $25k come to be a low budget, $10k a very low budget, and $5k being so low that you may as well just go to Hawaii and elope? I was thinking earlier today about going to Burning Man and getting married naked out on the Playa near the Temple, but Cody would veto that. So we have a couple drastically different ideas we're considering but nothing even remotely solid. We don't want to have some quick, casual little thing. We both want a nice, formal wedding. At the same time, we can't afford what we want. And if we could save up that much (about $7k is hat our dream wedding would cost, if that), I don't think I'd personally feel comfortable spending it instead of saving it. Then again, I cringe when spending any money. I'm still in the mindset that there's never enough. I'm still afraid of being homeless again that sometimes I feel like I'm wasting money by buying food, that the money should be saved for rent. (Therapy did nothing to help with these issues.)

It'd be nice to be able to find a forest clearing and get married there, and to have as simple reception there as well. But there comes the problem of toilets. Sure bushes and squatting is nature's bathroom, but people in heels wouldn't like. Eh, We'll figure something out. After so long I'm starting to feel apathetic about a wedding and just want to get married and have the same last name as the man I love and our daughter. And I want there to be assurance that Cody could be there and make decisions if anything should happen to me and I end up too sick to decide for myself.

Today I was outside with the dogs walking around the yard. The grass had gotten very tall but couldn't be mowed because of some drizzle we'd been having. Not much rain, but enough that the grass can't be mowed. Yesterday Cody finally got the chance with the grass being dry enough. He got through half the yard before the yard trimmings can was full, and it's one of the big ones. Plus it took about four hours to get halfway through the yard. It's a pretty good size yard, plus battling high grass.

Anyway I was walking around the yard with the dogs going through some high grass and saw something shiny and black, and went in for a close inspection. It's a gravestone! Not a leftover Halloween prop or anything. THERE IS A DEAD PERSON IN OUR YARD!! The gravestone is black granite, polished very shiny. The family surname is at the top. Underneath that, to the left is the name of the man who built the house and his year of birth. To the right is the name of his wife, her birth year, and her death year (1923-1990). The man died last year and left this house to his son. His son and son's wife are our landlords. It's really kinda creepy.

It's not even midnight and I'm so incredibly tired. Tomorrow...laundry, try to clean the kitchen and hallway, more sewing (I'm slightly behind my orders right now, and still am waiting for a hem length for a couple dresses I'd hoped to have in the mail tomorrow, and still waiting for the lining color of a corset for a wedding gown), and make corned beef and cabbage. And call the optometrist about my glasses and Cody's prescription so he can order contacts, and call, or have Cody call, the IRS since they're still being pricks and claiming to not have gotten his 2007 return (it's been sent three fucking times!! the advocate has confirmed receipt!!).

Saturday, sewing in the morning, date stuff in the evening.

Sunday, pick up a few things from the fabric store, VC Socialites Scrabble in the afternoon pick Cody up from work, have a drink and crash out on the couch. Well, not really a drink. Screw it, a drink after Charlotte eats so it'll be metabolized before her next feed, and a nap on the couch.

I need to go to bed now. After making Cody's lunch for tomorrow, bed. I'm too tired to shut up.

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  1. Ohlet's hope she doesn't try out that new tooth on you! You are probably safe until she gets a matching one on top too. :)


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