Saturday, March 6, 2010

Charlotte's home

I'm behind in updating. Charlotte's home now. The doctor said she had gastroenteritis, but my gut says that's not it. She's still arching her back very hard and holding it there. I don't get the feeling it's anything serious or lifelong though. Her weight when she got out was 13lbs even, up from 12lb11oz when she was admitted. Then she was 12lb12oz a couple days later. So down 4oz. By the next day she was back up to 12lb15oz. She's still less than her high weight of 13lb4oz on February 24th. But she's getting better. She's still not back to 100%, but improving.

As for us, I'm exhausted and feel sick. My kidneys hurt and I feel slightly flu-ish, which is pretty normal for me this time of year. I'm always sick in winter. The joy of having an autoimmune disease and a craptastic immune system due to all that prednisone I was on! And no, I still don't want vaccines. Those things just land me in the hospital and our immune systems need to work. I'm functional when I'm sick enough that many others would be flat on their backs.

Cody's doing well. He's just got the typical tiredness that comes with a couple nights of a baby being up all night. By 8, he's ready for bed.

We're FINALLY getting rainy winter weather. I love it! The only sucky things are drivers are idiots, and cold weather makes my arthritis hurt. My back aches and my left knee feels like it's being stabbed repeatedly with a dull pickaxe. Still, rain with a roaring fire and a cup of Mexican hot chocolate (I've become hooked on the stuff - it's imported from Mexico, so is the real deal). Nice and relaxing.

I really lucked out in the in-laws (to-be, whatever) department. Most people complain about theirs, or so it seems. Mine are wonderful. Cody's parents both live within a handful of miles, and his mom and step-dad live just half a mile away. They're respectful of space, but here if we need them. I love the feeling of being surrounded by family, which I completely consider all of them.

If we rushed we'd have only a day's worth left of settling-in to do. We finally got our Senkarik paintings on the walls, and my sewing room's about 98% together (it's so hard getting anything done when not everything is unpacked!!). One bathroom is completely done, the other has maybe 5 things in a box (I really should empty it before bed). Some electronics in the living room need to be put away, the laundry in our room needs to be finished. Charlotte's room is still not together at all. I need to re-paint and do everything. That's my personal project. But there's no rush since she sleeps with us anyway. Every night of her life she's slept right next to me.

There's nothing more precious than waking up to Charlotte fussing that she's not being stared at, then looking at her, and her giving a big smile. Smile back at her and she'll laugh and start babbling. I look forward to waking up just for the few guaranteed minutes she'll be so smiley and laughing. It's like she's thrilled just to be alive and that there's another day before her.

It's still a bit early, 11:30, and I want to sew. I have some trim to sew to a gown I'm almost finished with, but my stomach is in knots. Yay, sick.... Ugh.

Oh, and Charlotte's officially a full three months old! Her 3rd-monthday gift is a genuine white pearl and pink Swarovski crystal bracelet with a sterling silver heart toggle clasp. Ideas for her 4th monthday? (To recap, she got her teddy bear, Guinevere, for her 1st monthday, and a sterling silver antique rattle for her 2nd.)

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you all are home and things are almost back to normal. This time of year I tend to stay in as much as possible and do store runs on less busy days at less busy times so I'm not exposed to every germ out there. Hopefully she will be back up in weight in no time. :)


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