Sunday, April 11, 2010

Charlotte's First Easter

Internet went bye-bye for a week. I don't think I've gone into how the state franchise tax board has been screwing with us. but long story short, we're still owed a refund for 2007, and the state decided to clam to not have gotten the 2007 return and have been garnishing 25% of Cody's pay for it. The return was sent in September 2008, and was resent twice this year, and still they claim they didn't get it. We got a letter March 18th saying the garnishment will stop, and Apple got a letter dated the same to start the garnishment over April 16th. We've been fighting this hard. A simply 1040EZ (without deductions) for 2007 results in a refund, and there were a few small write-offs. Between the 2007 refund owed, the money the state has garnished that the tax advocate says we'll get back at some point, the IOU for 2008's refund, and last year's refund that we're waiting on, the state owes us enough money to pay for our wedding in full.

But in the meantime, losing 25% of his income has put us behind on utilities, and so cable/internet was shut off for a week. We're barely keeping above water, but we are. Dress commissions I have are making the difference, especially the wedding gown I'm working on right now.

ANYWAY. Charlotte's first Easter! We dyed eggs the night before, and I waited for Cody to go to bed to "hide" all of them in plain sight. Then I, I mean, the Easter bunny, set out a giant basket of candy and junk for us adults, and a basket of handcrafted, natural, organic Montessori toys for Charlotte. Cody and Charlotte woke up and Charlotte "found" her first egg by being set in front of one and flailing around until she touched it. :) After Cody gathered all the eggs with Charlotte, we got a call that our dogs were out of the yard. Those people didn't hold on to them, so out we ran looking for them, and a man on a bike saw them and rounded them up for us. We got them home, put them in the yard, made double sure the fence was closed, and they got out again. We found out part of the fence the landlords use to get into the back yard was left broken the last time they were here. I wish those idiots would call ahead instead of just showing up like they have a tendency to do. I wish they'd stop using the garage here as storage. Anyway, the fence isn't an easy fix, so the girls would have to stay with us all day.

Dressed Charlotte and ourselves, headed over to her grandma's, then to her grandpa's. I'm just not comfortable in groups of people anymore, whether or not I know the, less so if I don't. This was a group of people I didn't know. Cody's dad and his girlfriend are buying a house together, and all of Doug's kids/grandkids are Cody and Charlotte. Joann's family is a bit larger, something like 14 people. So I felt out numbered kind of like was intruding on her family. No one said anything to make me feel this way. It's just that they all were so clearly familiar with each other and knew each other and I didn't know anyone but Cody, Charlotte, Doug, and I'd met Joann once before. Poor Charlotte was a bit confused. On of Joann's daughters has a baby a few months older than Charlotte who was getting so much more attention than Charlotte, and my poor baby was looking around like, "Why am I being overlooked?" It was sad. She was smaller than Eloise, and couldn't sit up on her own as well as Eloise, and just looked like an underdog. My normally outgoing daughter started to seem shy and self-conscious. I admit I was glad to leave.

We headed back to Cody's mom's house, which went from being a few people when we were there in the morning to a zoo with tons of people. I was at least more familiar with that house, and was within walking distance of ours, so was okay.

It was busy and cold and, despite feeling out of place at Doug and Joann's, it was a pretty good day.

Also, what's Easter without the Easter bunny? The night before we had to take Charlotte to see the Easter bunny. She was Cranky McFussybritches more of the day, and started shrieking about three seconds, if that long, after this picture. (That's one of her dresses I made. Later on I made a matching head bow that she wore the next day. For this picture, we just tied a ribbon around her head.)

I've also been sick. It sucks waking up hacking up half a lung and thick greenish mucus. Once I get it up, I'm pretty much okay the rest of the day.

Friday was a really good day. I packed lunch, put Charlotte in the stroller, and spent much of the day wandering around this small beach town. I found a fantastic fabric store, an upscale consignment store, and some wonderful vintage stores. I didn't even get halfway down the main road, what with all the awesome shops and all! Then I got home and made 6 layer cakes about 3" small. My idea of a pretty good day!! I want to go strolling today, but it's overcast and supposed to rain, so indoors for me! Sewing can't happen right now with Charlotte being so clingy today. When her daddy gets home, I'll disappear into my sewing room.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looks like a good weekend coming!

Today I'm meeting my aunt Sandy in Santa Barbara for chit chat and lunch and she hasn't seen Charlotte since Charlotte was just a couple days old! Tonight Cody, his mom, Charlotte, and I, will be dying eggs. At least Charlotte will "help" as much as babies can "help". :) But before that, she will meet the Easter Bunny!!

And then tomorrow is Easter and we're going to see Cody's mom and step-dad and family, and then we're heading to Montecito to see his dad and dad's girlfriend and family, and his dad's girlfriend has a granddaughter just a few months older than Charlotte. Charlotte will finally wear a dress I made for her, which has me so excited. Cody doesn't know that I'm planning to stay up late tonight and hide eggs and make him find them. :)

Poor Code-Monkey, today is the iPad release. They've got hundreds of pre-orders, and the iPads were already in the store last night, complete with Apple-hired security. Apple people really do not get to see the machines beforehand, not even the store managers. They were allowed to open the boxes at 3am. Cody didn't decide to go to work at 3am. It was one thing after another last night to keep us awake. Phone call, text message, cat being a pain in the ass Charlotte wanting to play.

It kind of sucks that my lower stomach and upper intestine are in knots and my kidneys hurt. Hopefully this stops soon. Not fun.

And Charlotte. Who wants new pictures? You ALL do! Why else does anyone read this journal? To stalk me?

These were taken Thursday. With such a happy baby, we must be doing something right. :)

You can see her teeth!

She saw her grandma. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Check the date!

I'm touched at the messages of support I got, but now feel bad. It's April Fools Day! On Facebook, no one's falling for anything, but here, many did! No matter when/if/how I were to get pregnant again, I'd be thrilled. No two ways about it. :)


I found a couple unused pregnancy tests left over from when I was using the like they were air and peed on one for the hell of it. Cody's mom had me call the doctor who says after four months a pregnancy test should be negative, so he's having me go in morning after tomorrow for blood work. After it taking IVF, this would be a miracle, though it's not unheard of for the changes with pregnancy to move things around and move a tubal blockage enough.

If this were next year, I'd be happy and crossing my fingers.