Saturday, April 3, 2010

Looks like a good weekend coming!

Today I'm meeting my aunt Sandy in Santa Barbara for chit chat and lunch and she hasn't seen Charlotte since Charlotte was just a couple days old! Tonight Cody, his mom, Charlotte, and I, will be dying eggs. At least Charlotte will "help" as much as babies can "help". :) But before that, she will meet the Easter Bunny!!

And then tomorrow is Easter and we're going to see Cody's mom and step-dad and family, and then we're heading to Montecito to see his dad and dad's girlfriend and family, and his dad's girlfriend has a granddaughter just a few months older than Charlotte. Charlotte will finally wear a dress I made for her, which has me so excited. Cody doesn't know that I'm planning to stay up late tonight and hide eggs and make him find them. :)

Poor Code-Monkey, today is the iPad release. They've got hundreds of pre-orders, and the iPads were already in the store last night, complete with Apple-hired security. Apple people really do not get to see the machines beforehand, not even the store managers. They were allowed to open the boxes at 3am. Cody didn't decide to go to work at 3am. It was one thing after another last night to keep us awake. Phone call, text message, cat being a pain in the ass Charlotte wanting to play.

It kind of sucks that my lower stomach and upper intestine are in knots and my kidneys hurt. Hopefully this stops soon. Not fun.

And Charlotte. Who wants new pictures? You ALL do! Why else does anyone read this journal? To stalk me?

These were taken Thursday. With such a happy baby, we must be doing something right. :)

You can see her teeth!

She saw her grandma. :)


  1. She looks so adorable! Hope you had a great Easter!

  2. She is beautiful. Love the smiles where you can see her teeth. Hope you all had a nice Easter.


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