Saturday, May 22, 2010

Charlotte met her other grandma

Well this last week has been extremely busy. Last Saturday I spoke with my mom, and her disability appeal was this past Monday. So I said to Cody that I wanted to be there to testify on her behalf. I'm a big believer that if someone pays into a system to be there when they need it, then that person should get it when it's needed. My mom has a pseudocyst that is large enough that its sprouted its own cyst and they're wrapping around and strangling her organs. She's going to die without surgery. This isn't a condition that she could have caused.

So on Monday morning, we woke up at the asscrack of dawn, well, before. 3am. We were out the door at 4am to drive hundreds of miles to Fresno. Got great gas mileage. Took 3/4 of a tank to drive 250 miles. Anyway my mom's ride was late, so she didn't get there on time, but it's being rescheduled. Thank the gods she got a judge that was understanding.

It was alarming seeing her. The cysts are so big that they're visible. Seriously alarming. Even if we could find a private insurance company to cover her, I wouldn't trust them to not deny her surgery. We've got to get her on Medicare or Medi-Cal (Medicaid).

Anyway she got to meet her first and only grandchild. Charlotte was well-behaved and Grandma Angel (my mom's name is Angel) was obviously smitten. Charlotte was thrilled to see her grandma, and seemed to somehow know her. I really want my mom to get well.

We went to lunch and Charlotte was fascinated with spoons. She tries eating whatever anyone else is eating. So we got her a spoon for her to play with and she kept jabbing it into her mouth.

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