Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Long time, no update

This almost always means I've been sick. Sure enough...

I got the flu really bad for a few weeks. Throwing up a lot, non-stop fever for about 10 days straight, up as high as 101.6, which may not seem that high, but I usually run 97.7, so that's like 102.6 for people who run the average of 98.6. Remember that 98.6 i average, and that some people will be cooler and some warmer.

I was also stressed because our car sprung a head gasket leak. Since it's a Sebring with a V-6, it's got two head gaskets. So a head gasket job x 2. Luckily it was minor enough that a sealant worked. We got that done on Saturday for about 15% of the cost of brand new gaskets. Perfect timing.

That was done just in time for me to miss the rally for midwives I'd been looking forward to. Midwifery and birth choices is a passion for me. This is the first rally I've missed. I also missed my first Wednesday mama group last week because of being sick. So I especially wanted to make it to the rally, and then the Red Tent birth event on Sunday.

I finally was on the upswing and was going to miss the rally, so we decided that, since we hadn't gone out in a while and got our money back from the state (remember the garnishment I said was in error? we got that money back - they'd taken about 50% more than they claimed we owed, but we got it all back), to go to the Santa Barbara Zoo and I got a season pass. I can go back as many times as I want and take a guest with me each time and free parking! So it's basically a season pass for the two only one person has to be the same each time for $65 (so I can take Cody's mom, for instance) versus two named individual passes for $100. Charlotte's young enough that she doesn't count and so there's no admission on her.

She wasn't interested in the birds, which doesn't surprise me. She sees tropical and exotic birds at her great-grandma's house all the time. So the Amazons were nothing new to her. Elephants, gorillas, etc., she saw. We'll go back soon. I feel deeply for the gorillas. They know they're penned, unlike a lot of the animals there. I believe they are completely aware that their habitat isn't their natural one. The looks in their eyes says it all. We saw giraffes and snow leopards and snakes and even some nasty bugs.

Charlotte fell asleep in my arms, so we decided to go. It's not like we can't got back...for free. :)

However I was none too thrilled that he set my iPhone down on a bench and presumed I saw it. Now I don't have an iPhone. Luckily I had just backed up all my data to my computer, so nothing's lost. The new 4G comes out soon, so I'll be getting an upgrade after all.

We got home and I suddenly felt intense hunger pains. Not pangs, but pain. It was odd. We went to Vons to get some fried chicken strips and jo-jos (these fried potato wedge things), and I started to feel violently hungry. Only eating did nothing to help. It wouldn't even stay down.

I'm not going to type up what's happened since then because >>>Cody already did<<<. Just head on to his blog to read it. I ended up in emergency surgery. I'm in the hospital right now with the worst hospital roommate in the world. She just started yelling at the aid for coming in to take our vitals. "How's a body supposed to get a full 8 hours if you idiots keep coming in here?" Only worse. Then bitched about the aid wanting to use the arm she didn't want used acting like the aid should have read her mind, then bitched that she'd need to roll to her back to get to the one she said could be used. Only worse. I get it that it's annoying, but FFS, Lady, you're here because you claim a small quarter-sized bruise from a car accident is going to kill you!! You're free to sign out, Bitch. You're the one who kept insisting they keep you to observe the bruise. Don't like what being in a hospital entails? Then LEAVE.

When the poor aid went to leave, I caught her eye, hitched my thumb toward Ms. Bitch, and made the "crazy" sign with my pointer finger. The aid nodded in agreement. This bitch has also yelled at the nurse because the IV she insisted on started beeping because of a kink in the cord. I don't think there's anyone she hasn't yelled at. While video chatting with Cody earlier, he heard her going off on the evening nurse.

Methinks someone's pissy because being in a minor accident (from her own description - she was in a big SUV and the driver clipped another car) isn't going to lead to a big payday or something.

Anyway I hurt and need to go to the bathroom again. They've got me pumped full of a crazy amount of saline, plus I always feel like general crap after a blood transfusion, which I had to have.


  1. Hope everything is back to normal soon. Hospitals are awful place once you start to feel better.

  2. I've had small gallstones - small enough to be removed by a flush - and they were still debilitatingly painful. I can't imagine how painful a 2cm stone would be.

    I'm glad you came through the surgery okay, and best wishes for an uneventful recovery!


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