Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wedding update

A few nights ago we had some spare time. So we decided to get some wedding stuff done. Cody found our venue for the reception and out ceremony venue's been picked out for ages. In less than one single hour the other night he found both the catering company we're going to use as well as our photographer. Cody: 3 Me: 0

Also our invitations are now designed. Cody and I collaborated well on this. They're going to be so pretty. We'll have about 65 of them to make, which won't be too bad. Since we're having an online RSVP system, we won't need to design RSVP cards. Literally only one person on our guest list doesn't use a computer. I'm not sure what else we'll really need to include. Invitation, card with information about our website (which will also be on our save-the-date cards which we've ordered and have already), but what else? No registry cards. We refuse a registry at all.

Also my wedding ring has been ordered and is on the way, and Cody's ring has been picked out and we need to get it taken care of. It's going to be a custom-made piece. Mine is a curved band since a straight one won't go well with my ring. It's 18kt gold, which should look find with my engagement ring (14kt), and has diamonds about halfway around.

We've also decided on "flowers." Why in quotes? Well, we're not using flowers. We have something else in mind instead. But I'll share that later!

Cody also asked his groomsmen, though there's one more he's considering. I've had my bridesmaids decided (and asked) for several weeks.

So within a short time, just a little spare time during this busy busy week, we got quite a lot done.


  1. Sounds like almost eveything is lined up. Once you have everything lined up and ready it just seems like the time whizzes by!

  2. We're getting there, and pretty quickly!


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