Thursday, June 3, 2010

My baby's six months old today!!

Awww, Rue McClanahan died!! This sucks. Ever since I was a little kid, I loved The Golden Girls. I didn't get the innuendo then, but they were so fun. As an adult, I understood it, and loved the show, and those ladies, even more. Now when Betty White goes, I'm going to be a sobbing mess.

Today Charlotte is six months old!! She got her third tooth, her upper middle left, on May 17th, her fourth, her upper middle right, on May 24th, and her FIFTH, her bottom second from the center on her right, on the 27th. Since the 28th, this past Saturday, she's been able to easily pull herself up to standing.

Look at how long her lashes are!


Isn't she gorgeous?

You can see all of her teeth here!

Such a pretty little girl.

Silly baby!

Sometimes I can't believe such a beautiful, precious, sweet baby girl is mine. Even when she gets fussy and cries, I'm glad for it because it means I have a baby to take care of. Being a mommy makes every struggle in life worth it!!


  1. Oh what a dainty little pixie of a girl she is! Tell me you'll let her have some floaty wings for Halloween? She's breathtaking, more and more at each new stage. Aren't babies glorious!

  2. She's going to be a spider. Charlotte's Web! If there's time, I'm planning to be Alice (in Wonderland), and her daddy wants to go as Max from Where the Wild Things Are. A bunch of kids' books. :)

    Glorious doesn't begin to cover it! I'm even glad for the moments she cries! Of course smiles are better, but cranky times with her are better than not having her. It wasn't so long ago that becoming a mom was just a dream, and here I am, living that dream!

  3. Wow 6 months already? Doesn't seem possible. Time does fly through. What is the old song....turn around and they are 2, turn around and their 4, turn around and they are a young girl going out of the door....


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