Saturday, June 26, 2010

Roses and iPhone 4!

Today I went to Rose Story Farm with Charlotte, my aunt Sandy, and a few of her friends, and it was so much fun! Tour, then lunch (croissant sandwiches, fruits, salad, cakes, yumminess). I actually never knew that different roses have very different scents. I never really thought about it either. But now I want to grow roses. Afterward we walked a little bit around downtown, hit up a few antique shops. Sandy's friends are fantastically fun ladies!

I got the new iPhone on Thursday morning (hell yeah! to not having to stand in line and still having my phone in my hand by 10:30). This phone is mind-blowing. Calling it a phone seems wrong somehow with all else it does. Making calls is just one small part of it now. Anyway what we've all been hearing about is the pictures. If I don't stop, I'll gush for hours about everything this phone can do, so just enjoy a few pictures. Click to see them bigger. I didn't upload them full-size. But these, even made smaller, give you an idea! These were taken at the farm.

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