Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Six teeth!

She cut her sixth tooth! It's her upper tooth just to her left of the middle two.

On Monday, Charlotte fell and hit her forehead on the stone fireplace. I didn't realize it at first, but when I saw her forehead with a big, black and blue lump, I panicked, called Cody's mom and couldn't reach her on her cell, home number, or at work (she was at some end-of-the-year function), and since I had Cody's phone, I couldn't call him. I couldn't remember the number for 9-1-1 in my panic, so ran over to Charlotte's great-grandma half a mile away. She's okay, of course, but I had all kinds of irrational thoughts. What is her skull was cracked and her brain would put pressure on it and protrude out and my baby were to die? What if she got brain damage? Well, but now you can't tell anything happened.

Today I was at the mall, still a bit jumpy because Charlotte's trying to move all over and I'm terrified she'll fall or jump out of her stroller, even strapped in. I went to the bathroom at the mall, and there was a Neiman Marcus bag in there I thought was garbage, so didn't bother touching. If I would have known it had something in it, I would have taken it to customer service. Anyway I just sat down when someone started banging on the door (the family stalls are private rooms), so I found out that was that it wasn't garbage. I hurried up and finished since that idiot wouldn't stop banging on the door, and I walked out. A minute later as I near the elevator, she and two guys rush after me demanding I let them go through my stuff in Charlotte's stroller, crowding in on me. I tried walking away, and they created a scene and said I'd let them go through my stuff if I wasn't hiding anything. Yeah, like I'm going to let some strangers dig through my personal possessions or turn my back on them while bending over and showing the contents of my diaper bag? Thankfully a sheriff was nearby and he had them back off. We went up to the 2nd floor and he checked my stuff, found that I did NOT have the bag she claimed, and he told me he'd tell them to stay away from me. It shook me up pretty good to have three people rush me and try to prevent me from going anywhere when I had my baby with me. Keep the fuck away from my kid!!

In not-stressful news, I nailed a really good order for a lady in France, the Titanic corset, Titanic tea gown, the Boarding hat, and the Flying gloves. It's an order enough to pay for nearly half the wedding, and I've wanted to do that dress so much that I bought the lace about a decade ago. I also got a rush order for a regency dress yesterday for delivery in two weeks. Still plodding away on the Phantom gown, just waiting to find a day when the bride can make it here for a fitting.

So I have those dresses by October, a couple Alice in Wonderland, Disney versions, one blue and one in pink, but August, my wedding gown and three bridesmaids dresses and three flowergirl dresses by December...and a few others, but these are the main things.

Also I have the Peter Fox Lucia shoes, the same ones worn with the Titanic Heaven and Dinner gowns, and I'm going to have the company dye them sapphire for me, and I am getting the Swarovski Princess tiara that I've been dying for for many years. So my ensemble is coming along nicely. I still need to order the pintucked silk, and already have the silk duchesse. I can't wait.

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