Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We had plans to go to Disneyland. Season passes FTW!! So we drove to Simi to pick up a friend of ours who "only" went 25 times in 2009. A friend of ours is working on setting her up with Roy Disney III (his great-uncle is Walt), since they're roommates. It's be awesome is Jenn and Roy ended up married. Anyway we got to Jenn's place, or at least the entrance to the gated community, and our car started hemorrhaging coolant and suddenly overheated. GDI. We have AAA Premium, so had it towed to Firestone, and, as I suspected, the damned radiator was blown and had to be replaced. Well, as our luck seems to have it, the day before I got a deposit on a gown of $425, $3 and change less than the cost of replacement (Cody got a discount). So we left the car and headed to Disneyland, finally getting there around 3pm, maybe 3:30. Jenn drove, and since she so rarely goes, you know, she knew right where to go and how to get the close parking.

I hadn't been to Disneyland in 17 years. It was 1993 that I went, not when I was 13, as I'd been thinking. So much has changed, but some things haven't. The emaciated dog in the Haunted Mansion is still as skeletal as I remembered. That dog scarred me as a kid, and still upsets me now. Pirates was mostly the same, with the addition of Jack, Barbosa, and Davy Jones. Our guide on the Jungle Cruise was hilarious. As one point she asked, "Who here thinks a captain should always go down with the ship?" I raised my hand first, so she asked me my name, and said, "Everyone give Aria, our new captain, a round of applause!" A big palm frond then got caught on the pole right next to me that was holding the canopy up, and it came loose when we got enough past it, then smacked me upside the face. That stung like hell, but was so funny. When we got back to the dock, she said, "Watch your step so you don't bump your head. If you bump your head, watch your language. This is Disneyland after all, and there are kids around!" and got a lot of laughs. She was really great. The Tiki Room was better than I remembered. We didn't make it on Space Mountain or Indiana Jones since we had to leave earlier than planned originally because Cody's mom was going to have to take him to work early Monday morning instead of him driving in at 11. Star Tours closed today and will re-open next year as Star Tours 2, so I video's the video of it and uploaded it to YouTube.

We're going back next Thursday. We're going to take Charlotte, and have a damned good time.

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