Friday, July 9, 2010

Exciting Charlotte-news!

After this house-update:

Still dealing with the house. Not happy. Didn't want to have to move again for a few years, and technically we don't have to, but hell if we're going to put up with landlord and husband/semi-owner who don't want to bring the house up to code and who harass the hell out of us and have quite the reputation around town for harassment. I found out Cody's mom's husband's mom (all people we know very well and see all the time) rescued an exotic bird our landlord had that she had neglected nearly to death, took the bird and said she wasn't getting back.

But if moving is what it takes to get Charlotte into a house where Mommy and Daddy don't like in constant stress because of the landlords, then we will, and we have a prospect.

Now in better news!!

Charlotte turned 7 months old on Saturday! She tried solid food for the first time. Daddy made her mashed sweet potatoes, and she didn't care for it. So she had applesauce. Nope, didn't like it. I admit to being glad. I didn't want her to decide she likes solids so much that she doesn't want mommy-milk anymore. But I needn't have worried. She fussed for me and wanted to nurse.

Nommy sweet potatoes?

No, more like stuff to squish.

No to applesauce too!

She was not amused. =D

Ah, bathtime to clean the baby!

And in the MOST exciting news, Charlotte stood by herself on Sunday! Without holding onto anything!!! She's trying to take steps, but falls. Still, standing!! And today she was hold onto the couch while I was in the kitchen, and she turned so the couch was to her left, let go, stood a second, lifted a foot, and then fell. She's trying to hard!!

Last night at her grandma's house, she ate a little rice cereal with breastmilk. She liked that a bit. Right now she's with her grandma and great-grandma (visiting from Nebraska) for a few hours so I can get in some sewing.

The wedding I'm dressing is next Saturday, the bride and her seven bridesmaids. Not done yet, but it's not expected. The bridesmaids dresses are all rush orders. This is one almost done, but not quite. Still needs to be hemmed, the buttons on the halter and neckline band, and the sash. I just took a picture using a piece of the fabric it will be made from. I'm going to knock out two more today, two or three tomorrow, finish the bride's gown Sunday, the last two bridesmaids' gowns Monday, and then the hemming for all of them and the buttons for the bridesmaids gowns on Tuesday.

And then, after this, in addition to my wedding gown and the three bridesmaids and three flowergirls for my own wedding, I've got a reproduction of a gown worn by Dollie Madison (for a lady in Vermont), a Titanic tea gown, corset, Titanic boarding hat, Titanic flying gloves and shawl (all for someone in France), two Alice in Wonderland gowns (girls in Pennsylvania), a spider costume (for Charlotte for Halloween - need I explain why a spider? =D), and a few others. BUSY!!

Also I got a makeover yesterday, the biggest in my life. More on that later. I'm still getting over shock at how much thinner I look, and, odd as this is for ME to say, it's not exactly a good thing. I look skeletal. What's awful though is I'm still convinced I need to lose weight. I hate having an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.

Okay, on to sewing!!

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  1. Sucks about the house. I can't believe that your landlady and her husband are so harassing and annoying. The problems with the house itself are bad too. Good luck if you do have to move.

    Yay for Charlotte. She is getting way too big way too fast. I can't believe how old she is already. Her face when taking those bites is just too cute!

    Sewing! I love your dresses. :)


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