Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I hate our landlord so much

Kathy left a note saying she'd be here Friday to work on the house, the weekend to work on the debris in the yard, and Monday at noon (the only day a time was given) to strap down the water heater. We made sure to be out of here, all of us, on Friday, so I wouldn't have to deal with Kathy in the house while I'm here. Sorry, but calling me "Areola" doesn't have me feeling comfortable. Well, she didn't show up. Saturday she didn't show up. Sunday...let's go in chronological order.

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Kathy didn't show up on Sunday either.

In case she showed up on Monday, since I couldn't go out of town that day because of the car (see next post), I took Charlotte, the dogs, and Star, and hung out in Cody's and my bedroom, trying to be quiet enough that hopefully Kathy wouldn't know we were there. She did, and instead of knocking on the bedroom door, she rattled the windows, paced the hallway, basically attempted to make me uncomfortable At about 1:30, my one of my to-be-dads-in-law came over and told her to leave so I could leave in peace, and she told him she was going to be there the rest of the day. I hurried and rushed to get out, and noticed she had gone through the stuff on our desk. That fucking bitch actually went through our personal paperwork. I am 100% certain of this because a very specific piece of paper I very specifically put under the computer on the desk had been moved to the speak next to the wall. By the end of the day, the ONLY thing she had done was pull a pane of glass out of a slatted frame and slip a new one in. Literally seconds to do. Yet she was in the house all day unattended. And we know she at least went through the desk.

We are moving without a fucking doubt, and suing her. We already know she intends to use our deposit to replace the carpet because it looks old (no shit, it's from the 70's and is older than I am!!), so we're going to have to sue to get our deposit back. We're also suing since we've had to live with the housing violations she didn't take care of before we moved in, as well as for her harassment of us and her attempts at retaliation over the city forcing her to repair the violations.

In trying to get away, I was shaking so much and was so angry that I dropped my brand new iPhone 4 on concrete and shattered it. The worst side to shatter, the front. Into a gazillion pieces. Well, about 150 pieces. Most of them stayed attached to the face of the phone. I was so upset over that too.

So today I went to the Apple at The Grove, where I don't know anyone, to see if they'd replace it. I didn't go to where Cody works because making an exception for something so clearly outside of warranty could have gotten Cody and/or one of our friends, whoever would approve the exception, into trouble. So better to go where no one could be accused of nepotism for this kind of exception. They are really not supposed to replace iPhones with broken glass except for exceptional cases. So I went not expecting anything but to be told it'll be $200 to replace the glass. I got there early (I forgot how much Highland Ave in Hollywood sucks - it took me 40 minutes to drive 2 miles, no exaggeration), and was really nice and polite as I usually am, and the Genius who helped me went ahead and replaced my phone. So that was good at least.

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