Saturday, August 14, 2010

Housing update

Well, we didn't get the house. Oh well. We found out Wednesday of last week that we make it to the final round, us versus another couple, but they got it. The landlords were worried about our stability because - get this - we're not yet married but have a baby already. Okay, and since when does being married prevent splits? And we let them know that our baby was planned and why we had her before putting money toward a wedding. Oh well though. Their loss. We're tenants who except for this month, pay our rent.

So we had time to kill, what with Cathy making us be out all the time and all. So we whipped out our iPhones and checked Craigslist and decided to check a couple houses. One ended up sucking, didn't feel homey. One is a Cape Cod style house with a pool and tile and is gorgeous and includes gardening and pool-keeping. We talked to the lady who lives in the guest house for a long time. She's rented for eight years, and we take it as a good ting if someone wants to keep with the same people. (She's going to continue living there.) We applied. Sunday we found out we got it! WOOT! So five days ago we got the house, and now we move next Wednesday.

It's even got a proper dog run, so the girls will have a safe place to go run around and play without worrying about them running out the door or anything while moving stuff in. I'm excited that we're going to have both a living room AND a family room! It's also so close to Cody's work that he can bike it. This will save us about $250/mo in gas (not to mention wear and tear on the car - we've blown the head gasket, blown the radiator, and burned though a set of brakes, all since just May going over that damned grade all the time), plus we'll be shelling out $300 less in rent. So we'll save $550 right off the bat! Oh, and a massive Joann's is a mile away rather than the 25 I have to drive now! The landlady is also taking care of some safety things regarding the pool for us so that it'll be safe for Charlotte, as in inaccessible to Charlotte. The place isn't huge. our bedroom will just fit our California king bed and one of the nightstands, and it's got one bathroom versus the two (molding, rotting, holes in the walls, tub that doesn't drain properly) bathrooms we have now, but it's got the family room, is clean, and not only are there smoke alarms, but she even has a carbon monoxide detector, which isn't required by law, as an extra safety precaution due to having a gas range. Awesome or what?

What was that? Not paying rent this month? Oh hell no. If we have had to be out more days than we've been allowed, we're putting that money toward the deposit on the new house. The landlords have given us a 3-day notice to quit, which is improper. So once they file an unlawful detainer, I'm filing either a motion to quash or a demurrer. An unlawful detainer required proper 3-day service, and non-payment of rent is a curable condition, so a 3-day must give the option to cure. However, even if she had done it right, violating the implied warrant of habitability is a legal defense for not paying rent. Landlord retaliation is as well. We've sought legal counsel from a couple landlord-tenant attorneys, and we have legal defense to a proper 3-day, and the improper 3-day is invalid anyway. We also have five separate actions against Cathy in small claims, and we're going to pursue it. Without a doubt she's going to try suing us for rent for this month and she's already told me she's going to replace the carpet in here at our expense (it's from the 70s and was horrifyingly gross when we moved in, not clean as it should have been), so filing first and being proactive will work in our favor too as it will show that our actions aren't retaliatory. We'll file Monday and include our moving expenses, basically waste no time.

We're at the point in moving right now where we're scrounging for food in the house and eating out a lot because we don't want to have dished in use. I hate this point of moving. Oh well. I've dropped down to 119 pounds from the stress. Let me clarify - I was 119 after eating an entire German chocolate cake with and entire can of coconut pecan frosting and four cups of tea this afternoon. Not good, probably explains why I have no energy. But it's hard getting the right calories when we're not cooking. This means license to pork out next weekend! And then lounge by the pool! Well, not really, I have to get my sewing room unpacked since I DO have dresses that need to be made NOW, as in should have been finished by my timeline, but are actually not needed for a couple more weeks. 3 dresses in I think it's 18 days. But I can do it. I did SEVEN bridesmaids dresses in 29 days!

Off to bed, off to bed. After a salad.


  1. Congratulations on finding a new place. Hopefully this landlady will be better than the last one - she can hardly be worse!

    I'm still hoping to get a couple more dresses for Margaret from you. How much of a backlog do you have now?

  2. Good luck with the move.Moving is one of my least favorite things to do.


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