Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Whew! It has been a busy couple weeks. Holy cow, we got the house just 16 days ago, and already we've moved and are half unpacked! Unfortunately this whole rotten string of events has pushed my schedule back and will force me to run right up against deadlines. I've got the Dollie Madison repro gown in 100% silk velvet, three Alice in Wonderland dresses (thankfully these will be extremely easy), and some Titanic repros, the boarding hat, corset, tea gown, and flying gloves and shawl (in varying stages of doneness), in the next several weeks. Dollie is needed in-hand in Vermont by October 2nd for a major event, the Titanic things ship by October 22nd (pending final payment for two of them, but the other three can go), and there's no set date for the Alice dresses. I had hoped to have them finished by the end of this month, but, well, all the time for sewing went to finding a new house and moving.

I've decided to slowly, as in over the rest of my life, work toward a dance degree. So right now I'm enrolled in dance history, and I'll find out tomorrow night if I can get off the waitlist for ballet fundamentals. The school required starting all dance classes with fundamentals, no matter what, and this one is required. Since I'm still recovering a bit from surgery, still can't bend back, a basic class would be beneficial anyway. The history one is a bit annoying since we're supposed to see stories in everything, but I firmly believe that sometimes dance choreography is simply about what looks pretty. A kaleidoscope doesn't tell a story, but the patterns look nice, and that's the point. So now I'm having to feign finding depth and basically talking out my ass. I feel like Harry Potter in Madame Trelawny's class, making stuff up that he knows she wants to hear.

And now. New house!! You might remember the old yard. Here is the new!

The front yard isn't huge, but it's pretty, and gardening is included. There are herbs growing in the center!

This cherub statue is what you see going to the back yard. Yay, pool!!

To the left is a small area that can be used for gardening. The white iron gate leads into the dog run from that side. It goes all the way around the pool.

The stairs there are removable so that Charlotte can't climb up them is she manages to escape from our line of sight. I just know some of you readers are sitting there hoping she falls in the pool and drowns, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Here is the family room.

The baby rug was a gift from one of Charlotte's great-grandma's. It's in the family room since this is where Charlotte plays more than anywhere else in the house, so it pads the tile floor in case she falls. That trunk under the window I got free up in Cupertino. Someone in the apartment complex was throwing it out. It's an authentic, century-old steamer trunk, but the hinges have rusted shut. Eventually I'm going to find some way to get it open. I think it's empty, but still I want to see.

That bookcase has a window cling I put on it when I was 15 years old. Cripes. That rocking horse was a free acquisition on Freecycle. It's a real solid oak rocking horse. I've got it sanded, and still need to stain it.

That bassinet has been used so much, and still gets used.

The view out the double-paned windows.

I also finished Charlotte's room, except for the painting of her walls.

Going into her room.

I love those curtains. A set in mauve hang in front of the window. This is much nicer and girlier than closet doors. I've never been much of a fan of doors. They always go off track. That rocking chair is another Freecycle find, and I dyed the cushions purple when that was going to be the color scheme. So now it doesn't match. Oh well.

This is a Japanese tea set from the 50's I got for her at Rose Story Farm when we went with my aunt and some of her friends.

The crib converts into a toddler- and full-size bed.

Instead of a drop-side, it's got a gate-top that requires two hands to open. There are latches on both sides, so a baby can't accidentally make it come down. She's never actually slept in this crib. She still sleeps with us.

I didn't make the bedding. This is the Daniella set by Cocalo. We've got a bunch of the other stuff too, like the lamp, though the light switch plate and a few other things we got were custom items.

That was Cody's dresser when he was younger. On top are my Titanic Rose doll and Cinderella Happily Ever After doll, both from Franklin Mint.

And the castle lamp my grandma made me when I was a little girl. The top comes off to let out more light.

Finally, this will hang on the outside of her door when I get sticky-backed hooks. This was an etsy-find.

Well, more pictures will come as we finish more rooms. Kitchen and bathroom are finished, just need pics. I should take one of my sewing room as it is now. Packed to the gills.

We're thrilled with this place. Get this - we're shelling out $300 less per month for it, AND we're so close to Cody's work that he can bike to work, and even driving every day saves us over $200/mo in gas. Hell yeah!

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