Sunday, August 1, 2010

The yard

I have had a few comments saying that this place can't be so bad, and that if the yard's bad, we probably just neglected it. Well, take a look. This is stuff that's clearly been there for years. There's more than this too. I didn't get to what's just outside the back patio what was left on the patio, and a few other places. I think these pictures show enough though.

The camper is part of it. Yes, even a vehicle has been dumped.

Leave it to the landlords to claim that this yard had show-quality, gorgeous roses before we moved in. The growth of one of the rose bushed exhibits extreme retardation from neglect, and one year of neglect won't do it. With the yard in this condition, as we really to believe that the rose beds were show-quality? No. But the landlords blame us for the roses looking awful. Realistically it's going to take years of work to get them to look right again after years of neglect. You can see what looks like a rose with several rose buds growing out of the center (I used one in pics of some earrings made, as you may be able to tell!). That's...a rose with several rose buds growing out of the center.

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  1. That is hideous! How gross! I'm sorry you to have put up with that.


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