Monday, September 27, 2010

Not good

A friend of a friend of mine went missing in the mountains today. Very bad day. Unseasonably hot and miserable, even my my central-valley-girl standards. He was found, and it's not as hoped. Best thoughts tonight for the family and friends of Mykel Sargent.


  1. The article is not accurate. Search and rescue teams did not SEE anything. Friends and co-workers of Mykel spent hours and hours searching for him. They were not going to leave until he was found. Two co-workers located his body submerged in a pool of water, it could not be seen above water.
    In the face of this tragedy, his family an friends are comforted by the fact that his body was recovered and returned to them, so he may rest in peace with those who loved him and that he was not left alone on the forest.

  2. With the briefness of that first article and being so quickly after he was found, I don't think too many people expect the details in it to be accurate. Articles always give all the credit to search and rescue teams and often overlook the friends, family, and others in the community who go out and canvas and dive and search in other ways, which is a shame.

    I admit it made no sense how he would have been spotted in river in a ravine from 200 feet away, and was wondering if I was thinking too much.

    I've also been hearing through the grapevine that the bit about rappelling was from another person who went missing years back. So basically two stories have been spliced together.

    Being able to say final farewells and have a few answers is definitely more of a comfort than wondering for days or weeks if he's alive, where he is, etc..

  3. I met Mykel on a few occasions and it was great knowing him. I'm still in shock. Do you know the exact details of the events and cause? (I understand if you don't want to talk about it)


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