Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween and it's history

I actually wrote this post on January 23 and set it to post today. Chances are good that I've forgotten about it. It was written in response to this post and this post, both claiming Halloween is an evil Pagan holiday. I encourage you to read, or at least skim, them before continuing here.

It annoys the everloving hell out of me to see time and again people claiming that Halloween is evil, that it's a night of spells and witches flying around on broomsticks and trying to do magic with black cats. It involves none of these things, and in fact, Halloween as we currently know it...was started by a Christian society in very modern times, and even today it marks a holiday dearly held by Mexican Catholics, and the original Pagan holiday was nothing like it's been made out to be.

It annoys me how those claiming this is an evil holiday clearly have never bothered to look into the history of Halloween, why it came about, nor about the real Pagan holiday that's supposedly so evil, and these same people ignore that the celebrations of Christmas and Easter were both dated to fall over other Pagan holidays in an attempt to usurp them. The decorated tree at Christmas is a direct reappropration of the Yule tree. The halo, held so sacred, is a rip-off of the sun over the head of the sun god Helios.

Anyway here is the comment I posted, though I highly doubt it will be approved (when I see this post again when it posts, I'll go check).

Christmas trees are also Pagan in roots, part of the winter celebration of Yule, which is observed on the solstice. Jesus wasn't born in winter (there are no lambs in winter in the northern hemisphere, only in late spring and early summer), yet his birth is celebrated to overlap Yule? The time and the tradition of decorating trees were both taken from Pagans. But yet you celebrate his birth in the winter with a tree, correct?

The Pagan autumn holiday is Samhain, which has nothing to do with witches and sorcery. It's simply a day celebrating the dead as animals were traditionally slaughtered for meat through the winter. It is also a day for reflection and accepting that there are things over which we have no control, such as death. There are no black cats or people flying on broomsticks. That is purely an invention only going back to the Victorian times.

Those godly Victorians were obsessed with death for a while (notice how death-lockets and rings were immensely popular and that dark, gothic architecture was on the rise?). Samhain, or Hallow's Eve, or Day of the Dead (which is widely celebrated by Mexican Catholics as a day to remember the dead) were never macabre holidays with ghosts and goblins. Thank CHRISTIAN Victorians for this idea, and it wasn't meant to be demonic among them.

Even though death isn't supposed to be seen as a bad thing (getting to go to the heavenly father and be in his arms, right?), somehow a celebration of the lives of those who have gone is seen as wrong. What kind of a message is this? That death (and subsequently going to god) is something that should be avoided?

Even Easter overlaps Ostara, which is celebrated as the beginning of spring. It is the celebration of the return of color to the world. According to history, including the bible, Jesus died in what is now called June. So why is his death celebrated in spring if not to usurp a Pagan holiday? The holiday in June, Litha, isn't celebrated among all sects, nor even most, so nothing to usurp there. The nearest holiday otherwise, Beltane, in May, is widely avoided by Christians due to its strong free-love nature. Yes, the May Pole is indeed intended to be phallic, and the streamers and dancers represent fertility. Somehow this has never stopped the great Kings and Queens of England, defenders of the faith, from celebrating spring with a May Day complete with May Pole.

If you're going to disrespect the Pagans, please do it in a way that uses facts about their holidays and correct history rather than myths. If you want to avoid any holidays connected in any way with Paganism, then you should petition for Christmas to be moved to spring (and no more decorated trees either!) and Easter to June. Otherwise there is no way around these holidays being connected with Pagan holidays. Since the connection with Paganism seems to be your biggest gripe with Halloween (while ignoring the religious aspect of the day and celebration by Mexican Catholics), I don't see how you don't find fault with Christmas and Easter.

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday Charlotte got her upper fight first molar and today she got her upper left first molar. She's not even 11 months and has 10 teeth.

Also last night I got the skirt to my wedding gown started, and aside from the hem and crystals, it's finished, and I'm so excited!! I also got the bodices for the bridesmaids halfway finished. The flowergirls' dresses are finished, and the flower-princess's dress I still need to start. Can't share pics because family reads this blog, and only a few people get to see before the big day! 35 days away. Holy cow.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Got a humorous text. Still obsessing, are you, sf_d? Why I'm flattered that you STILL have nothing better to do with your lives than watch mine. At this point, I think the evidence is clear that the ones who are mentally messed are you guys. You're hanging on to my every word, and I'm actually living a life independent of watching the details of others' lives. baby's, so fake...that we've even been in the newspaper and on televised news together. :) I posted about that earlier this year, complete with links.

Because I know you're dying to know, things are, for the most part, going very well. The exact opposite of how things were a year ago today. I have a pretty enviable life, and I love it. I promise pictures of my wedding, and hell, I might even make a sock-puppet account to post to make sure you didn't miss it, since you're so obsessed and all. Have a good night!

So very busy

Wedding's in just over a month, and we're busy buys BUSY like crazy. The list of what we're (I'm) DIYing is longer than what I'm not. We got the invitations off today, and Cody did some of the layout and I cut the damned things and assembled them and got the crystals on them. Took three days.

I got the flower girl dresses made except for Charlotte's. Got the jewelry made. The rest of the fabric for my gown got here yesterday. Got most of the "flowers" done. Quotes because we're using something other than flowers. Half the centerpieces are done. For the obvious reason that I don't want my family and friends to see everything before the day, I'm not posting pictures until afterward.

When I have time for a better update, I'm going to share pics of the Dolley Madison gown I Yeah, hand-sewn. Even took that sucker to Missouri with me. As soon as the wedding is over, it's back to working on orders, starting with some circle-skirt dresses for a little cherub, then some more gowns for a lady in France. I am booked solid for several months. I can fit in a few basic dresses, but nothing major. Gotta admit, I like it. Repeat-clients get priority space, but I'm having to turn down orders at this point.

For now, have some pics of Charlotte.

A couple weeks ago at the mall, I tried getting a picture of her in a dress I got her from a seller on etsy (yeah, I do sometimes buy he things made my other sellers - I like to support other artisans the way I like to be supported by others). Well, this was the best of the lot. :)

Weekend before last, her uncle, my brother, came out for a visit. First time we'd seen each other in nearly seven years. He looks exactly the same! We smack-talked like we were kids again, I whooped his ass in Street Fighter II (don't let him make you believe otherwise =D), went to DIsneyland only to find out they closed too soon after we got there for a stupid special event for it to make sense to drop the dough for a ticket, and just caught up. I hope so much he can come out for the wedding.

Charlotte took to him. She was smitten. She doesn't usually fall asleep on people who aren't me. But when we went to Apple to pick up Cody:

A couple nights after her uncle left, she fell asleep in his picture. :)

Last Sunday Cody, Charlotte, Cody's mom, and I, went to a pumpkin patch. Family pic! She was squirming to get down.

"Now look here, Mom and Dad, it's going to me MY way. First I'm going to go over there." (Oh, SHE CAN WALK!!)

"Pumpkin. Pumpkin? Pumpkin."

"Yay, pumpkin!"

Thinking to herself. Such a sweet baby.

Pretty girl!!

A couple weeks ago, I tried to get some good pics of her in a tulle tutu I made and a necklace I made. She wasn't interested.

She is such a pretty girl. I love her eyes. She literally looks like a doll sometimes.

Since her night terrors have started, we've had many long nights. This was 2:30 in the morning I think five days ago.

And now that she's asleep for tonight (maybe, hopefully) I'm going to finish my bouquet, the remaining bridemaid bouquet, some corsages, and at least get the bridesmaids' gowns cut out.

Monday, October 11, 2010

My mom moved in a week ago from this past Saturday. Things went well. She was like the mom I had and loved as a kid. Helpful, funny, sane, creative, fun! She was designing the wedding centerpieces and doing a damned good job. I have ordered a deep red silk to make her a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride outfit, easy to fit in since one of my bridesmaids can't make it and so I was going to make my mom's dress in place of that one.

The this morning I woke up, she had made trail mix, was fine, then suddenly she went apeshit over the AppleTV remote being lost (we don't have cable, so that remote is the only think to control Netflix on the TV) and me eating a handful of trail mix (as she told me to) before looking for it. Tomorrow morning she is leaving back to Winton. Supposedly those people who don't even buy shampoo and won't take her to her medical appointments if I don't wire money every few days take better care of her than I do. My brother is coming out Thursday. To see her. She's not going to be here. She won't even wait a few days to see her son who she hasn't seen in seven years. She's off her Zoloft and won't get it filled (I'm willing and able to pay out of pocket for it) because she's unbalanced enough to irrationally say no. So without it, she won't get balanced. She won't get balanced because she won't get it filled. Lovely catch-22.

I was told not to. Everyone told me not to. But she's physically sick with something she couldn't have caused. And I didn't want to leave her to fend for herself physically ill to the point of disabled. So I tried, and was willing to let her stay here as long as she needed and asked nothing at all in return. And it's not enough. She's focused on what she perceives to be my shortcomings and where she thinks she's not getting enough help rather than focusing on what we have done and were going to continue doing.

The worst part for me is Charlotte adores her. She's going to walk out on the baby who prefers to go to her over me pretty often. It's going to hurt Charlotte that the grandma she is now used to seeing every day suddenly won't be around because a cockroach-infested house with people who I have to bribe to take her where she needs to go are more important. You walk out on Charlotte once, you don't get a second time. My daughter comes first.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Isn't she so sweet?

Let me share this really quick. So earlier I was trying to take pictures of a necklace I made, and had Charlotte outside with me. She kept reaching for it, so I put it on her. This is how happy she was!!

And yesterday I stepped out of the living room for a moment. I'd just cleaned it. I came back two minutes later to...this. Look at her! LOL!


I'm never going to have time to recap Missouri, am I?

Tomorrow my mom will get here. Hopefully we can her her disability figured out so she can get the care she needs as well as her own little apartment. Being here isn't intended as a long-term solution unless necessary. None of us want long-term. But none of us want her dead.

Busy as hell with sewing and wedding stuff.

And the IRS has decided, again, that we owe more taxes. We can't keep doing this. I'm about to scream.

Of to sew more on the Dolly Madison dress.