Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Got a humorous text. Still obsessing, are you, sf_d? Why I'm flattered that you STILL have nothing better to do with your lives than watch mine. At this point, I think the evidence is clear that the ones who are mentally messed are you guys. You're hanging on to my every word, and I'm actually living a life independent of watching the details of others' lives. baby's, so fake...that we've even been in the newspaper and on televised news together. :) I posted about that earlier this year, complete with links.

Because I know you're dying to know, things are, for the most part, going very well. The exact opposite of how things were a year ago today. I have a pretty enviable life, and I love it. I promise pictures of my wedding, and hell, I might even make a sock-puppet account to post to make sure you didn't miss it, since you're so obsessed and all. Have a good night!

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