Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So very busy

Wedding's in just over a month, and we're busy buys BUSY like crazy. The list of what we're (I'm) DIYing is longer than what I'm not. We got the invitations off today, and Cody did some of the layout and I cut the damned things and assembled them and got the crystals on them. Took three days.

I got the flower girl dresses made except for Charlotte's. Got the jewelry made. The rest of the fabric for my gown got here yesterday. Got most of the "flowers" done. Quotes because we're using something other than flowers. Half the centerpieces are done. For the obvious reason that I don't want my family and friends to see everything before the day, I'm not posting pictures until afterward.

When I have time for a better update, I'm going to share pics of the Dolley Madison gown I Yeah, hand-sewn. Even took that sucker to Missouri with me. As soon as the wedding is over, it's back to working on orders, starting with some circle-skirt dresses for a little cherub, then some more gowns for a lady in France. I am booked solid for several months. I can fit in a few basic dresses, but nothing major. Gotta admit, I like it. Repeat-clients get priority space, but I'm having to turn down orders at this point.

For now, have some pics of Charlotte.

A couple weeks ago at the mall, I tried getting a picture of her in a dress I got her from a seller on etsy (yeah, I do sometimes buy he things made my other sellers - I like to support other artisans the way I like to be supported by others). Well, this was the best of the lot. :)

Weekend before last, her uncle, my brother, came out for a visit. First time we'd seen each other in nearly seven years. He looks exactly the same! We smack-talked like we were kids again, I whooped his ass in Street Fighter II (don't let him make you believe otherwise =D), went to DIsneyland only to find out they closed too soon after we got there for a stupid special event for it to make sense to drop the dough for a ticket, and just caught up. I hope so much he can come out for the wedding.

Charlotte took to him. She was smitten. She doesn't usually fall asleep on people who aren't me. But when we went to Apple to pick up Cody:

A couple nights after her uncle left, she fell asleep in his picture. :)

Last Sunday Cody, Charlotte, Cody's mom, and I, went to a pumpkin patch. Family pic! She was squirming to get down.

"Now look here, Mom and Dad, it's going to me MY way. First I'm going to go over there." (Oh, SHE CAN WALK!!)

"Pumpkin. Pumpkin? Pumpkin."

"Yay, pumpkin!"

Thinking to herself. Such a sweet baby.

Pretty girl!!

A couple weeks ago, I tried to get some good pics of her in a tulle tutu I made and a necklace I made. She wasn't interested.

She is such a pretty girl. I love her eyes. She literally looks like a doll sometimes.

Since her night terrors have started, we've had many long nights. This was 2:30 in the morning I think five days ago.

And now that she's asleep for tonight (maybe, hopefully) I'm going to finish my bouquet, the remaining bridemaid bouquet, some corsages, and at least get the bridesmaids' gowns cut out.


  1. I love how Charlotte is always dressed like such the perfect little lady. So precious and beautiful!

  2. Charlotte is so cute! I love her in those dresses.


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