Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Agenda for days remaining until the wedding

It's 10 days out from the wedding. Let's just say eight. Today's almost finished, and I'm not doing prep the day of. There are eight days BETWEEN now and then, eight days left to get a lot done. I'll be getting more beads on Saturday and still have a TON of work to do in that regard. I haven't even cut out the bodice of my dress.

Planned agenda:
Tonight: Bead until I'm out of beads
Tomorrow: Beading as much as I can while at mother-in-law-to-be's house if I have any beads left (probably won't), design the menus for reception dinner and the ceremony program
Friday: Getting my hair done, making the hem for my skirt, starting/fitting/mostly making my bodice, starting skirt hem
Saturday: Trip to LA for more beads, bead bead bead my skirt, finishing skirt hem
Sunday: Bead bead bead my bodice
Monday: Hem Charlotte's dress, buttons, make my veil
Tuesday: Anything that didn't get done between Friday and Monday, finish one of the flower girl sashes, tack Shell's sash to her dress, make a dress for Charlotte's birthday
Wednesday: Charlotte has a dr's appt., then finishing centerpieces, get menus and programs printed and menus cut
Thursday: Make my wedding cake (yes!!)
Friday: Get mails done, make dinner for Charlotte's birthday, any residual work for the wedding
Saturday: Breakfast with Santa, BS around until 11:30, get my hair done, get my makeup done, head to Santa Barbara and get dressed, try not to panic!!

Cody will be helping with the non-dress stuff, so he's not off the hook!! He is off for 10 days starting Wednesday.

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