Monday, November 15, 2010

Everything is falling apart

This has been a very bad day. The mildest of that Macy's screwed up an order I placed, sent it to the wrong address, promised eight times (I kept track) that it would be rerouted to me, but today it went back to the warehouse, and how they'll replace the order if I pay via debit for the full current amount. They said they're refunding what was paid via debit on the last order ($19 and change), but can't credit gift cards (another $100). Also I got everything on a Veteran's Day sale, and the price now is about $60 more.

Our Paypal account was hacked and our bank account charged down into the negative for it. If the credit union determines we couldn't have been more diligent in preventing being hacked, then we'll get some of it refunded, but if they think we could have been, we're on the hook for all of it. Worse, we do NOT have "courtesy pay" on the account, yet they allowed a couple transactions through AFTER it had gone negative. They bounces a third when in the negative, and the bounce fee is more than the "courtesy pay" fee! In the meantime, they will not do a courtesy credit and want us to deposit money to bring the account to 0 or higher. Um, no. Fuck you.

Also the wedding is falling apart. People are dropping left and right. Of the 3 bridesmaids, 1 bridesman, 2 groomsmen, 1 groomswoman, and 3 flower girls, at this point only the bridesman, groomswoman, and 1 flower girl (Charlotte!) can be there for sure. 2 bridesmaids are definitely out, the other doesn't know yet and the 2 other flower girls are hers, and both groomsmen are out (one was in a car accident today, but, thankfully, he's physically fine, though I don't think his car is). Various family members can't make it for various reasons, including very close ones. Right now we're at 36 yeses, including some of the people who've dropped out, taking our total to 30. Our venue is now way too large.

I'm so disappointed in everything right now.

And it doesn't help that the post office lost an order. A Titanic corset, the tea gown, flying gloves, boarding hat, and flying shawl. Order to France. The tracking shows it received by the post office, but from there, it's disappeared and they have no idea what happened to it. It was scanned only once, when it was received. So that's an order I'm remaking (obviously no charge to the customer), and it's not a cheap one either. Thankfully she's understanding and is still planning to place another order. It's just angering that this is the second package the post office lost this year. The first one was a loaner gown I was sending to someone, so it was my own gown.

I need a drink. I made one that my brother named Misty Mountainside. It's 1/3c vodka (I use Smirnov for this), 1/3c Kahlua, 1/3c Bailey's Irish Cream, 3 heaping tablespoons chocolate milk mix (Nesquik), and 1c milk. Yes, it's half alcohol. No, it doesn't taste like it. It tastes like a slightly warm chocolate milk. When Cody gets home, I'm having one. Maybe two. I need it. With today, I deserve it.

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