Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Well, I started beading Charlotte's dress again after taking off everything I already did. I had the bodice finished, but hated it, so off with them. Well, one Lord of the Rings trilogy later, I've finished the beading on her entire dress, with a bit of time in the trilogy to spare. Very pretty and sparkly. Just need to hem it, add some sort of buttons, and maybe sew in a light petticoat.

I'm almost out of the beads I need to finish my gown. Crud. At least the bank is straightened out now, so we've got our money back.

Now for the headaches.

The power steering in the car went out. Could be the serpentine belt, could be the pump needs to be replaced. At least, of all the things that can go wrong with the car, it's this. The car is still drivable.

Bigger headache is I made an order for someone in Europe, mailed it last month, got tracking on it, but it was only scanned once - when it was accepted. The post office on my end is supposed to try tracking it down. So far I've heard no news. Since I know she didn't get it (tracking would show she did), I was going to remake after my wedding if she didn't receive it before then, and she was fine with that. But she decided that since she didn't get it yet, that it means she was ripped off and wants a refund. Despite me having proof of shipping, which the post office doesn't give for thin air. She is the first client I've ever had who didn't receive what she ordered. It's not her fault, but it's not mine either. Still, even though it's not my fault and I have proof, I offered to remake everything as a rush by pushing back a dress I was going to be making as a gift. My contract states that lost orders will be remade, with a rush if possible. I think I should hold to my contract, forge ahead and remake the order, shipping via FedEx this time.

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