Sunday, November 21, 2010


So the crystal beads I ordered for my gown back in October hadn't arrived. So I placed an order for some glass ones through a store in Washington, but before they could process, whoever's been in our Paypal account did it again, using my debit card that was on the account. So both our cards were cancelled and new ones ordered. Cue meltdown because first beads didn't arrive, second beads couldn't ship. Two weeks out and no beads. I went online to the garment district in LA to see what I could find, and found a place with Swarovski crystals for only about 3X what I paid for the first ones, so Theola (Cody's mom) and I went yesterday. We got back home, I checked the mail...and the crystals from October were there.

*wall, meet head*

So I stayed up late last night crystaling Charlotte's dress first, and finished the entire bodice, and...I don't like it. I'm actually pretty sure I hate it.

I'm also going to regret it if my mom's not at my wedding.

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