Sunday, November 28, 2010

Five days

I mostly finished my bodice last night, complete with the beads. Just need to attach the sleeves and closure. Oh, and get out two damned ink marks each about 6" long. Ugh. So today's agenda was to get the ink out and then more beading on my skirt. Maybe another 1,000 beads to go. Thousands of aurora borealis Swarovski crystals is stunning. I'll probably add some to my veil, which I made last night. I was also going to make the top tier of my wedding cake today. It's fruitcake because fruitcake gets better after a year, unlike other cakes that get nasty after a year, no matter how they're saved.

I didn't finish the fruitcake, but I've made some good progress on beading. With some persistence and a late night, I may be able to get most of it finished tonight, and the rest tomorrow night.

Tonight: Bead bead bead, iron hem

Monday: Finish beading, finish hem, button on waistband, sleeves, bodice closure, hooks to support skirt. Fruitcake!

Tuesday: Anything that didn't get done between Friday and Monday, eyes on Charlotte's dress, finish one of the flower girl sashes, tack Shell's sash to her dress, make a dress for Charlotte's birthday, corsages.

Wednesday: Charlotte has a dr's appt.,
then finishing centerpieces, get menus and programs printed and menus cut

Thursday: Make my wedding cake (yes!!), get vanilla bottles labeled, fruitcakes ribboned, clean the house!!

Friday: Get mails done, make dinner for Charlotte's birthday, any residual work for the wedding

Saturday: Breakfast with Santa, BS around until 11:30, get my hair done, get my makeup done, head to Santa Barbara and get dressed, try not to panic!!

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