Monday, November 22, 2010

Macy's resolved!

Customer service tol me today, regarding not getting my gift cards credited back, that "that's just the risk you take when using gift cards online." This wasn't acceptable, so I went to Macy's in person, spoke with the homewares department manager, showed him the printouts from my account on and the UPS tracking showing Macy's received everything back to their warehouse in Arizona without it ever being delivered, and so he was determined to resolve this and said I'd been more than patient enough.

He called and spoke with a manager there, and was given the run-around. They agreed to issue a credit, but not until they process the return items, though they know the boxes were unopened, and that should be by the end of the week, and then they'd issue the credit, which would take 7-10 more days to process, and then a new order could be placed. The other manager told him I was welcome to place a new order, pay, and then wait to be credited. When the other manager said that, he went 110% to bat for me and straight up said I should not have to pay twice and wait around weeks more for them to fix their error when they had it in their notes that it was supposed to be redirected to me and instead was redirected back to them. But oh no, wouldn't budge.

So he spoke with the store manager to see what could be done since they don't carry the exact items I ordered in that store. The solution was definitely acceptable to me. Since it would be, in all likelihood, another month to get what I ordered online, and they didn't have the items, they offered comparable items, regardless of cost. Lee, the manager helping me, found the nicest comparable items they had. The best of the regular aluminum cookie sheets (non-stick makes sucky cookies unless you line it with parchment every time), the best roasting pan, etc.. In the end, what I got was about 3x what I originally paid, and better quality.

Lee at the Oaks Macy's, you rock, and you saved Macy's from losing a customer.

Once our bank account is credited from the second round of unauthorized Paypal transactions (this time on my debit card, which was on the account, and both are not cut and we're waiting for new cards), everything from last week that went wrong will be righted, and we're actually better off now than we would have been.

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