Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh geez

Well. What do you know. Today our serving staff for the lodge backed out. Well, it's a good thing we found the other place. AND! And our bank account was credited today for those Paypal charges.

So now we have a new venue with better food overlooking the ocean like I originally wanted and can have alcohol without additional permits and security fees (cash and carry, we are NOT paying for a night of drinking) and all staff and everything built in. We are saving money that can go toward helping our attendants if they need is. We're actually in a better spot right now than we were. Only difference is there's no dancing at the restaurant, but that's okay because we weren't planning it to be a dancing event.

So now tomorrow we go put don a deposit on the new venue and get things started on replanning the reception.

Also our new TV arrived yesterday. It's this sucker. It's replacing our Toshiba DLP. Back in its day, in the Long Long Ago of 2005, this sucker was considered a really nice HDTV. Now? Well 780i just isn't what it used to be. Or it is, but it's now old tech. We were watching Iron Man on it and, like a dork, I kept going, "Oh my god, did you see that? It's like he's not even on the screen!" Heh. And then Toy Story 3 in HD. Technically the TV is a combination wedding/birthday gift for Cody, but, to be fair, we both benefit equally. I think I'll get a Blu Ray player. :) Well, we. :)

All right, I still need to finish my gown and Charlotte's. Still. I'm about to place another crystal order since the one I placed a month ago hasn't arrived. My veil. A few centerpieces. Not much, just not much time left. :)

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