Tuesday, November 16, 2010


So there was another attempt to withdraw money from our bank account via Paypal. Well, four of them. For over $1,000 total. I've regularly used Paypal with my bank, both to receiving and withdrawing payments, as well as for making payments, rarely for more than $500 at a time, and never for about a dozen transactions for over $2,000, and never for that much and then some past our bank account balance. So the manager at the bank is going to keep Paypal transactions frozen (fine with us!), and credit back the charges and fees today. This is a major relief!! After re-planning the reception last night, I feel like money's just been thrown at us!! We weren't planning to get it back.

And we're waiting to hear back from the events coordinator at one of our favorite ocean-viewing restaurants for the reception. If we can do that, amazing.

Now we're just dealing with Macy's still. They're still refunding to credit anything more than the $19.34 I paid by debit that was over the cost of the gift cards, and still saying I'm "welcome" to re-place the order and pay via debit at the current prices. Uh, no. I'm pissed off. That bakeware was supposed to be here yesterday. I planned tonight's dinner using one of the pans. Since it's one we don't have, I either have to refreeze a massive bird or go buy a pan locally.

Also Charlotte has poured some soy milk on the floor and is splashing around in it. She's happy, so I'm letting her. Thank goodness the floor is wood.

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