Sunday, November 7, 2010

Rain rain stay here now!

We're finally getting a little more rain. I hope we get a ton, and that we get another thunder storm like the one we had a few weeks ago that went in non-stop for so long.

Today I got no sewing done. Instead we rearranged the laundry room, consolidated boxed and separated several for donation. Then I started organizing my sewing room at last, and moved several totes to the laundry room. It'll be nice to actually be able to sew in there. As a result of the cleaning, which I use loosely due to the disaster we made, we've got a pile 3' high of laundry in the family room. To be fair, it includes towels and blankets too. So much has been moved around today that I dread cleaning tomorrow. But at least the kitchen's done.

Charlotte is getting so big with 18mo-size clothing fitting her snuggly. She's beautiful, she's incredibly tall, and I think we may have a future-model on our hands, though this isn't what we desire. We hope to raise her to be a good, kind-hearted person rather than a model. Right now her favorite game is Share. If she's holding something, "Charlotte share?" and either take it from her or wait for her to give it. "Yay, Charlotte shared!! Mommy/Daddy share?" and give it to her. "Yay, Mommy/Daddy shared!! Charlotte share?" etc.. Usually now as soon as you start, she hands it over. She gets so excited when we go, "Yay, X shared!" and clap. Even her snacks she'll share if asked.

She also loves to take her little snacks and feed others. I can sit here with her and a few baby cheesy poofs, and she'll feed me one, so I'll feed her one. She looks so proud of herself putting food in our mouths. We think it's a good sign that she does to us the things we do to take care of her. We think it's good that she's learning to take care of others and that she is so happy for doing it. Lately she's also taken to grabbing one of our faces with her little hands and pulling it toward her, looking at us, smiling, then forehead-butting us and getting so excited she squeals. She's imitating us, only the squeal is her own. She's such a good, smart, sweet girl.

I've decided to make her flower girl dress out of the same fabric as my gown, pure silk duchesse satin and pintucked silk dupioni that I'll bead with Swarovski crystals. I'll start her gown probably Wednesday. As for mine, the corset is almost finished. Waiting for the boning, then I'll bind the bottom and add grommets, voila. After this, just hemming and beading the skirt, and the main outer bodice. I can't wait for it to be done.

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