Thursday, November 25, 2010

Six days left to prepare

Well, tonight I'm making my veil, as soon as I post this. Struck off the list anyway.

Wednesday: Bead until I'm out of beads
Thursday: Beading as much as I can while at mother-in-law-to-be's house if I have any beads left (probably won't), design the menus for reception dinner and the ceremony program
Friday: Getting my hair done, marking the hem for my skirt,
starting/fittingmostly making my bodice, starting skirt hem
Trip to LA for more beads, bead bead bead my skirt, finishing skirt hem
Sunday: Bead bead bead my bodice
Hem Charlotte's dress, buttons, make my veil
Tuesday: Anything that didn't get done between Friday and Monday, finish one of the flower girl sashes, tack Shell's sash to her dress, make a dress for Charlotte's birthday
Wednesday: Charlotte has a dr's appt.,
then finishing centerpieces, get menus and programs printed and menus cut
Thursday: Make my wedding cake (yes!!)
Friday: Get mails done, make dinner for Charlotte's birthday, any residual work for the wedding
Saturday: Breakfast with Santa, BS around until 11:30, get my hair done, get my makeup done, head to Santa Barbara and get dressed, try not to panic!!

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