Monday, November 15, 2010

Well then!

We have figured out that it may be more cost-efficient to move the reception entirely, basically plan the whole thing from scratch 18 days out than to keep on track with what we were doing. Few enough people can make it that keeping it where it is right now would cost us about $120 per person, and the meal would be Italian. Moving it to a restaurant we love that has a private banquet room would cost us less than a third of that, and the meal choices would include prime rib and salmon, AND we'd overlook the ocean. We're waiting for a call back tomorrow to see if there is any minimum purchase for the room, if we can designate certain meal choices (the filet mignon/lobster combo, if everyone were to order it, would break the bank, and we can't pick and choose who can), and if we can nix alcohol from our tab. If so, then we'd be looking at spending less than just the remaining outstanding balance on the lodge. And we'd have enough left over to help the bridesmaid with the two flower girls and Cody's groomsman so they could all still be there with us!

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