Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Almost Christmas!

Well, in the wedding rush Cody thought he paid the Internet bill, but didn't. When you've got FIOS, a day past gets it shut off. They're right, it wasn't paid as thought, so we're waiting until payday on Friday and iPhoning it until then.

Today has been semi-productive. I got a dress in the mail, actually made headway in housework thanks to Charlotte playing with the packaging for Cody's birthday present (I got him United Cutlery's Anduril, Aragon's sword as king), and now I'm relaxing for the first time in months. I've got smocking to do tonight, and not much else until after Christmas.

Back in ballet in January (also taking oceanography through the local college), then a couple more dresses for little miss Margaret, a Don Juan outfit, rainbow wedding gown, regency flannel gown, and some other stuff.

Also the post office told me that the overseas office has record of delivery on that order, signed by the client. So now she's basically threatening to drag me through mud if I don't pay her. I'll take a rep hit before caving to blackmail. So now I'm actually going to ignore a now-ex client. I hate doing it, but the other option is caving to blackmail, and I know I shouldn't.

I think we're among the only people who didn't pack under the tree with packages. It's been hard. I love shopping for people. But, until Charlotte is old enough to understand the fun in doing for others, we don't want to set her up for thinking the world is about her and buying her things. So far she does thing sharing us fun. We've turned it into a game, and she'll grab anything to give someone, and she will also share if asked, "Charlotte share?" Then she claps and smiles all proud of herself.

A few days ago we were watching the Michael Jackson documentary "This Is It," and she bounced up and down a couple times, turned in a couple circles, stuck her arms out to her sides, and gave a little yell. We were so proud. :-)

And one set of wedding pics is in the mail on the way to us! Can't wait to get them!

And we got a new cat. A grey Balinese, a large boy named Loki. More on him later with pics.

I'm tired of thumb-typing, so more later.

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