Monday, December 13, 2010

Tooth #11

Tooth #11 has come in, her lower right, is, whatever's fourth from center, the front-most molar-type tooth.


  1. Bicuspid, probably. It will probably actually be fourth from the center eventually, but the canines, which are third from the center, come in later.

    And you're right, the bicuspids are the first teeth that allow the baby to start chewing, rather than just biting things off. She can probably chew chunks of fruit and maybe even hamburger if you let her now.

  2. You're right, it's her first bicuspid. :) She has her central and lateral incisors in both top and bottom as well as both top front bicuspids and the bottom one on her right side.

    She's been chewing meat and veggies for a while now, though nothing as hard as celery. :) She's actually very good about not trying to swallow things that are too big. She's so dainty when she eats! For her first birthday pics, she refused to smoosh a cupcake or get dirty and fussed when I put some frosting on her hand! She fashioned a "fork" our of a candle by chewing an end flat, and then used that like a fork to eat a cupcake!


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