Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Just a very quick post, too busy to post a lot and too tired. Will try to catch up tomorrow.

Charlotte cut her 12th tooth! Her lower left first pre-molar. So she has all 4 first pre-molars and all eight incisors!! No wonder she can eat whole pieces of meat and raw broccoli and apples right off the core. I need to get out her baby book and look these teeth and milestones up and write them in there.

Also she LOVES to grab things to "share" with anyone whose hands she can put things in, and she is a big fan of giving kisses. I love when she gives e a hug, then plants a baby kiss on my lips. She'll pull away, smile, and clap, she's so proud of herself. Anything that results in Mommy and Daddy smiling and saying, "Thank you, Charlotte!", she loves to do and claps when she does.

For Christmas one of her gifts was a counting book with beads. I've been showing her the numbers, saying them, and moving that number of beads. She now recognizes 1 and 2. Not too shabby for a baby just over a year old!

Bedtime now. I'm so freaking tired.

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