Monday, February 7, 2011

Charlotte playing with her Hansel and Gretl dolls from McDonald's. I get the food, she gets the toy and some non-fried food. Usually. These little Madame Alexander dolls are the perfect size for her right now. A lot of the McDonald's toys are. Her dress is from the seller RabbitWhiskers on etsy. The detail on the smocking is stunning and puts to shame anything I could do. I can do basic smocking and some embroidery. That woman smocks and embroiders a whole world. This dress was $190. Steep, sure, but completely worth it. For anyone wanting something smocked with great detail and expert craftsmanship, I'm not the one to go to. Go to her!

Charlotte playing tea party in one of her made-by-mommy dresses.

Charlotte is wearing her flowergirl dress from our wedding. Silk duchess satin with pintuck silk dupioni and Swarovski crystals.

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  1. She's so charming! I love her serving tea to her doll.


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