Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm even more exhausted

I'm even more exhausted, and am very temperamental because of it. Yesterday we went to Costco to buy a shed like our landlord is requiring if we want to be able to store anything since we can no longer use our laundry room for storage. Apparently the guy in the studio apartment connected to the house has to have access to it by law (we're not comfortable with him having access to our home, but what can we do?). We got there (thanks to my mom-in-law letting us use her truck) and not only had they marked up $150 since last week, but they were out and wouldn't sell the floor model, despite damage and us willing to pay full price, because they wanted to keep it out to advertise for when they get more in, though they're having so many people ask on a daily basis for the sheds that they're going to sell out in an hour, or so the manager told me. So we had to run all over hell's creation to find a place with one in stock and finally got one for less than four figures that's smaller than the one we wanted and not as nice.

We started putting it together when we got home, and it was so cold I lost feeling in my fingers and toes. We have yet to get the roof on, which we'll do tonight. There is literally exactly enough clearance under the alcove for it to fit. Like another 1/4" and it wouldn't fit.

The last night the same stupid neighbors we've had to call the cops on for before for blasting music so loud we could feel the base at all hours of the night were at it again. When on earth are the cops going to start fining those people? When we call dispatch and they've already got someone on the way from another complain, and this happens multiple times a month, the cops need to start issuing fines.

I've got no energy today and Charlotte is a bundle of it.

I'm also pissed today because I really want to go to my ballet classes, but without a running car, I can't go.

And I'm still trying to figure out what to do about my mom.

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