Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm ready for 2011 to be over

So I as sick for a while, pretty badly too. I started to get better, then Cody got sick, followed by Charlotte, and then I got sick again. I've been sick about a month so far this year.

My mom moved back in, and that went well. She went back to her old place for one week to try getting her county medical stuff transferred. Long story short, she got a lottery ticket that won $1k, and the guy she was with (him and his mom, nothing more than platonic) wanted it. She said no, so he literally tried to kill her when he was on meth. Like he beat her with a baseball bat, a fireplace poker, and other things, taunting her with her granddaughter having to grow up without her, screaming that he was going to drag her death out. He only paused when his mom started going through mom's stuff, looking for the brand new cell phone Cody and I got her, and mom took that moment to get the hell out the front door and ran (thank you, adrenaline) to the nearest pay phone to call 9-1-1. But the fucking police there only consider it to be a "domestic disturbance" and so let the fucker walk. To add insult to injury, the police said that her possessions in that house fall under community property, so the freaks didn't have to give her anything back. Yeah, but no. Community property laws ONLY cover married couples and registered domestic partners. Co-habitating, being engaged, being roommates, and staying with someone for a week aren't covered by community property. Oh, and get this - you've got to pay for a civil stand-by there now! If you can't afford the fee, then tough luck.

Cody and I picked my mom up from the hospital. She had only the sweat pants she was wearing at the time she was being beaten, her robe that she was wearing, and a paper shirt from the hospital and a pair of those hospital socks. We went to the town of Satan and arranged for a standby that ended up being pointless. When we first drove into that town, the first this Cody saw was a man clearly methed out of his mind run into traffic in the middle of the intersection and run and jump onto the hood and then the roof of a moving car, Jackass-style, but not staged. The man rolled off the back of the car and laughed maniacally. There were quite a few people standing around on the corners drinking and smoking what wasn't cigarettes or pot, right out in the open, and a few people started moving toward that man menacingly. Poor Cody about freaked. We had Charlotte in the back seat and his introduction to that town where my mom had been living and I come from was a bunch of people drugged out of their minds acting worse than could be shown in TV and something that very well may have ended with someone dead by the end of the night. Mom and I weren't fazed. But that's that town for ya. No one bats a lash at child molestation, and who murdered a girl in 1997 in a high-profile case is an open-secret yet no one will speak. This week one of the items on our agenda is to go to the police here about that. Where the girl's body is hidden is also known. Thank the gods no one there knows what city we live in now, and the reason I won't say where it is is because I don't trust some of you reading this to not try to contact someone there, alert them to where we are, and wait for us to be killed. It's no joke. It could happen.

So basically life's been put on hold to try finding out what we can do about the police doing nothing. Thursday Cody had me take mom shopping (like he needed to tell me, but it was sweet that he brought it up to me first and more or less phrased it as an order to go buy her a bunch of clothes since she came back to us with literally a pair of pants and a robe, and he wants to take care of her). I've had very little sewing time, I haven't been to ballet in weeks, we've had next to no time to cook properly and I lose weight eating crap foods. This week it's going to be mandatory for my own sanity for me to have at least three hours a day (or evening, night, whatever) of time in my sewing room. I'm only a couple hours away from being finished with two dresses I need to get in the mail ASAP as well as a full-length petticoat (I love petticoats!), and I'm about five hours from finishing a fancy dress for Charlotte I'm hand-sewing (handsewing...oh my god I love it). I've also got a Chumash wedding dress I need to make a mock-up of for a local client before our next meeting and then get that made, and a new Phantom of the Opera gown order for the Mirror outfit. I'm thrilled with that one because I've been wanting to do it for years now. This is my next five weeks.

My mom is finding comfort in ribbons and buttons and making jewelry from my rather large stash of jewelry supplies, ribbons, and buttons. She is very creative, and this is giving her something to focus on as an outlet. She adores Charlotte, but my god that kid is getting huge and she talks a lot and runs. Know what? Time for pictures of Charlotte, then I'm going to go pin a hem one one of those dresses. Charlotte gets her own post.

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