Thursday, February 10, 2011

RIP car

On the way home from ballet last night, our car went kaplooey. The power started cutting at an idle at stops as we left (Cody drove me and picked me up last night), then suddenly on the freeway there was a very loud knocking noise from the head, like a rapid misfire. We pulled over right away and there was a tiny bit of smoke. So the car was towed home. At this point, I think the engine needs to be replaced. We've had enough fixes in the last year that it doesn't make sense to keep fixing it piece by piece. So we are without a car until we get our federal refund.

At least we're just 3 miles from Cody's work, so he got a bike and will be biking. We're also 1.7 miles from the fabric store and one of the grocery stores we go to, and 1.5 miles from the other, and 1.2 miles from Trader Joe's, so, worst case, we toss Charlotte in her stroller and go for a walk. The only irritating thing is that the nearest UPS closed, and so both UPS and USPS are 8 miles away, in an area with crappy transit that takes several transfers to get to (I wish we had the transit the Bay Area does).

I am concerned with how I'm going to get to ballet since that gets out at 9:50. :( I can get a ride to UPS, but ballet gets out so late.

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