Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Auction update

I'm really please that, so far, my contributions have bids of $30, $76, $85, and $200! There is just shy of three days left on the jewelry, and just shy of four days left on the gift certificate. I'm excited to see ho high they go! Payment will be made directly to the Estes family, and I will ship the items directly to the buyers.

I found out there's a UPS in the same plaza I've been walking to do shopping. This is thrilling for me! The next nearest one I know of is just too damn far of a walk with a baby in a stroller to do it often considering most of the way home is up hill, and let me tell you, even a block uphill with a heavy baby (well, she's slim for a toddler, but 21 pounds is still 21 pounds) in a heavy stroller is exhausting! I walked that far with her once, and decided to walk another few miles to wait for the bus to take us to the stop that's half a mile from our house.

But this one is just about a mile away, and it's a level walk! Sad that I'm so excited about this. But then again, it removes the concern I've had about relying on others to get things shipped! I don't have to wait for when someone can come out and take me to the other UPS, or wait until I can stomach walking several miles with half of it pushing a stroller up hill. It's not as easy of a walk as it sound.

The next six weeks I have a schedule packed so tight that there's a lot of pressure, and it's the kid of pressure I love. Got a Phantom of the Opera "Mirror" ensemble, a "Wendy Darling" dress for a mom and a Peter Pan tunic and hat for her son, a Chumash (the local Native American tribe) wedding gown, a couple toddler night gowns, and a matching mommy and daughter Easter dress set. All by Easter. Well, the wedding gown is actually due for pick-up (local client) May 1st. Close enough to Easter.

I'm so relieved to be getting everything back on track. Also my new business cards arrive tomorrow. If it's any indication of how stressful life's been for a while, those getting here thrills me a ridiculous amount.

I do have a massively massive website update to do though. About a couple dozen dresses I still need to add. We can't find a working SATA-USB cable, and haven't made getting one a priority, primarily because that is one thing we can't get within walking distance. So I'm going to order one online and then...update of DOOM!

I'm also going to the Fashioning Fashion: European Dress in Detail, 1700-1915 exhibit with one of my four favorite aunts in a couple weeks which about has me wetting myself with excitement.

And on a bittersweet note, I just say this article about a little boy obsessed with the Army who hasn't much time left to live. On his birthday, unbeknownst to him, he was going to be made an honorary member of the Army. So very sweet.

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