Friday, March 11, 2011

Final auction prices

The Lilli bracelet (genuine pearl, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver) closed at $50. This bracelet was named after a little girl in Australia, named Lilli, who died of SIDS. Through my etsy shop, half the price of this bracelet sold will go to SIDS & Kids, an organization that is trying to find a way to end SIDS.

The Ashley set (genuine 6mm faceted emeralds, rhodium-plated silver findings) closed at $75. I haven't heard back yet from Ashley's mom in taking a set. I don't know if I will, and don't blame her. Last summer a lot of really cruel people left a lot of evil, hurtful remarks on her blog about the decisions she and her husband made for Ashley (by not just letting her die), and just general insults directed at their daughter. I wouldn't be surprised if she is generally distrustful of everyone online after the attack on her family last year. :(

The Nina set (genuine 6mm faceted sapphires, rhodium-plated silver findings) closed at $90. Nina's mom will be receiving a set. I have heard back from her. My heart is broken for her. Nina, her daughter, passed a little over a week ago, just after her birthday.

The Kate set (genuine 6mm faceted rubies for the earrings and 8mm for the pendant, rhodium-plated silver findings) closed at $200. Kate will be receiving a set. When she saw the photo, she told me she coveted it for herself, and I let her in on how I was going to send her and Nina's mom and Ashley a set, if they all wanted them, and she was excited. Kate pours all of herself, and then some, into her children, and I know she's exhausted. She deserves something nice for herself.

The gift certificate closes tomorrow and is currently at $30.

So far $445, if the gift certificate closes where it's at now. I'm going to let Kate know that, if she'd like to offer the runners-up of the bracelet and Nina set (those two got multiple bids) have sets for their bids ($85 on the Nina set, $35 for the bracelet), that she'd be welcome to. It would add another $120 and bring my donations up to $575 raised.

It's nice helping people out when I can! I may not be able to give money right now, but this is something.

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