Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A mystery!

This afternoon a large package arrived for me. I wasn't expecting anything, especially a very large package large enough that USPS made a special trip here to deliver it. It could fit in a regular mail truck if the truck isn't too full. It was about 4' long.

I took it to my sewing room thinking maybe I'd ordered some sewing thing or another and forgot. I opened the box and there was no note of any sort, just three slender objects wrapped in heavy bubble wrap. It was three beautiful scepters! Two of them look very earthy and like some of the tulle is antique. One of them has a heavy glass ball on top. The third is in deeper shades, much more regal. I'd expect each of them to cost quite a bit of money.

I checked the box again, and the return address was just an address in a city I had never heard of. Cody is stumped too. We asked his mom if she knew anything. Nope. We are all completely baffled.

I got new business card today. I thought UPS would never get here. Actually they were delivered at 7:55pm, which I think might be later than they're supposed to be delivering! The gift card and address labels I ordered also arrived. Lame of me to be so excited over the little things.

Earlier today Cody and I were watching Princess and the Frog with Charlotte. She was dancing like a little nut. He said to me that, while we have our stresses and we're worried about not having a car, all in all we're pretty lucky. We have a stable roof over our heads, both of us steadily bring in income, we have plenty of food to eat, we have gas, electricity, are within walking distance of everything we need and can order anything else, we've got five great animals, each other, and a little princess booger who makes us laugh.

And he's right. So the IRS is jerking us around again, claiming to not have received his 2006 nor 2007 tax returns (2006 was the last year he and his ex-wife would have filed jointly, and she is extremely organized and they would have been done), and I clearly remember 2007's return because it was so hard getting his W2 that he had to file an extension, and then ended up owing all of $86, which was paid via bank money order. Randi is seeing if she can fine the 2006 return, though we understand that may have to wait until next month (she's getting married early next month), and I'm 99% sure we have a copy of 2007's return in one of our external drives.

Well, the IRS is holding our 2010 refund over it. But look two paragraphs up. Re-read. That's what's important.


It may take us longer to leave this state, but in the meantime, we still have what we need. We still have each other. We still have each other and our very dearly loved little girl.

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