Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wheels for Noah

I'm totally plugging this auction: Wheels for Noah charity auction. It's for the Estes family. They're raising money to help pay for a handicapped-accessible van. Their son's wheelchair isn't the typical, easy-fold one that can fit in a car. It's one specially made for a child with a lot of medical needs, and so they need a van that can transport him in his chair. They've been working hard on making ends meet with a lot of children, as well as taking care of medical expenses for their son. I've donated a few earrings and pendant sets, as well as a bracelet, and a gift certificate. I know some people might be turned off to their blog because it's pretty religious, but they're a good family who need a bit of help. Their small business, Hands and Hearts, also sells a lot of religious items, but also a lot of secular items. I've bought several toys for Charlotte from there. So say Charlotte loves her sorter-thing is an understatement!

Okay, spam-time over. But it's a good cause. Go check it out.

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