Saturday, April 30, 2011

So so busy!

Busy busy busy! Sewing up a storm all month. The royal wedding was just yesterday, and today I've finished this:

Basic version, non-appliqued skirt. The bodice is imported English embroidered netting with an appliqued neckline. More pictures to follow.

Also I got a new domain!!! will remain active indefinitely. After this summer, it will forward to the new domain rather than vice versa.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Tooth #15

Her upper left incisor. Her upper right is very close to coming through!

I can't believe this

I can't believe our military is expected to work for free. When money gets tight, we American families are expected to tighten our own belts and skip buying steaks. Yet our politicians are unwilling to even have trimmed the fat from the steaks they buy...using money they receive from us. Our politicians are sleeping warm at night while so many American families have tightened belts to the point of freezing and hunger, and our politicians sleep safe because of the sacrifices of our military abroad who don't sleep safe for months on end, soldiers who won't always come home. And now they're expected to work for free? How are their families supposed to make up the financial shortfall? It's not like our soldiers can find a new job once one boss stops paying them.

How much more evil can our politicians get? So far only two have turned down their own pay over this. They're all so rich that they could receive not another dollar in their lives from the taxpayers, and yet will live luxuriously and die still wealthier than most of us can imagine. We and our military are expected to do without while our cruel, evil politicians continue to take and take and take. Now that there's not much left to take, they're confiscating the pay of those who are stuck.

I'm ashamed of our politicians, and I am ashamed to be an American right now if they are to be examples.