Friday, May 27, 2011

When am I ever not busy?

I've been too busy to update. We're moving again. Out of state. We're sick and tired of living in a state where a minor thing can make meeting rent very difficult. We're sick and tired of $4.49 being the cheap gas for our car. We're sick and tired of having no hope of ever owning in a state where the deposit alone on a small house would buy a mini-mansion somewhere else.

We're already packing. Cody's working on getting transferred. We're sick of this shit. $2k for rent plus $900 for utilities. And speaking of utilities, this property has us in the main house, someone in the studio connected to the house, and a cottage that I think was probably once a disconnected garage. The lease said we were going to get 25% of the utilities from each of them, but the landlord turned around and told the lady in the cottage a flat fee of $100, and the guy in the studio $50. So we've been getting $150 instead of 50%. We're very conservative with utilities. They aren't. And we're the ones bleeding for it. We decided not to raise cain because we didn't want to risk our lease not being renewed, which it's not anyway because the landlord claims we're running the house down and destroying it. Bull. Shit. As soon as she left, I took these pictures.

That is the area when you first walk in the house. Door's on the right side there.

She tried saying we're not allowed to have anything in this room other than laundry. Tough. She has no right to dictate where we're allowed to put things.

The family room that's more or less Charlotte's play room and where we spend non-TV family-time.

Kitchen. Duh.

This would have been the dining area. We were planning to buy a dining table, but not now.

Living room with a sleeping booger on the couch. :)

My sewing room is always a disaster because I actually use it a lot. TO be fair, I clean it back to perfect after each dress.

Bathroom. Usually the curtain's closed.

Charlotte's bedroom. She's outgrown her toddler bed, so we'd been trying to get her used to naps in her own room on that inflatable until we got her a regular bed.

The closets didn't have doors, so I bought curtains for Charlotte's room, and made a set for our room. The stickers on her door are those special stickers made to be easily removable without damage.

I was folding laundry when the landlord came over.

Destroyed the house, have we not?

Also the landlord's pissed we didn't take over yard maintenance when her daughter and son-in-law, who we are required to pay for yard-care, stopped coming over. If she's going to mandate they get $200 a month from us to do they yard, then we're not going to do it. We had been letting her know since last year that we were lucky if they came over every five or six weeks when they were supposed to be coming weekly, and when they DID come, they were only once on time and a few times not even here on the right date, and they brought their kids to let them run around the back yard and pool and sometimes they'd stand and stare in the windows if they were open. Still we put up with it because it was better than the landlords we had in Carp, the slumlords. The landlord here isn't a slumlord, she's just possibly on drugs. When she came over, her demeanor was...unusual. She was a tweaker-hippie back in the day. Her son-in-law is a current tweaker, or so the neighborhood rumor goes (walk about 20 houses down and that's where he and his wife, the landlord's daughter, live).

Also she's planning to keep our entire deposit over the microwave. It had a crack on it when we moved in, noted on the walk-through report. The bottom of the handle has since broke, and the power shorts every now and then. She claims it was a brand new microwave put in right before we moved in and was $600. Only it wasn't. It was manufactured in 2002, and hasn't been made since 2003. It retailed for $150, and the company's replacement model, the current version, retails for $180. I verified that with the company. At any rate, the damage was on the report, and the skylight beats down on the microwave for hours a day which weakens plastic.

So we're leaving in a couple weeks. We're trying to view this as the fire being lit under our asses to make the move we've been talking about for so long anyway. Yes, before moving here, we'd been talking about leaving California for along time. It's so disheartening to pay $24,000 a year in rent to live in the poor part of town when the state we're planning to move has very large houses that only cost six times that to buy outright.

We've been priced out of our native state. Sad that staying isn't a feasible long-term option, but we're looking forward to living somewhere with a decent cost-of-living.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Open Letter to Lizzie

I got a comment that Lizzie still has a love of following me and accusing people of being me and told someone "I" need to "get a hobby that's not weddings."

Lizzie, get over it. I don't want anything to do with a community that runs according to your whims and is hypocritical. One post can have someone complaining that she's expected to cater to the food preferences of Aunt Tilly with the members supporting the complaints since "it's the brides's day" with you lambasting the OP for not caring about her aunt, then in the next, another member with the same complaint is insulted for not catering to preferences and you're lambasting members for not supporting the bride not wanting to cater to preferences.

It's funny to me that you saw I'm the one needing a non-wedding hobby. You're prancing around moderating a wedding community like you have anything of value to add other than your opinions on people's behavior. I think you're trapped in La-La Land, wishing you could be a pretty princess for a day, and you love getting attention for being a moderator of a wedding group.

I, on the other hand, am the one who actually makes and sells wedding gowns, making it by business. Weddings aren't a hobby for me. They're business, and business is going very well, despite your continued libelous attempts to smear me. I'm still chuckling at your accusation that my daughter is actually a doll or someone else's child that I've borrowed for pics. I chuckle about how, despite me and Charlotte being in the news, in articles and in news video, surrounded by people who know me, activists and such, you still think Charlotte isn't my daughter. I chuckle about how, despite not a single victim, you still think I don't actually make or sell anything.

I think you're jealous of me, which is why you think about me so much. When you don't like someone, and they can't effect your life in any way, you ignore them, but you think about me all the time. I think you need therapy, and I'm not being snarky. Really, for three or four years now you've been following me. You need help.